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Posted by: Road Safety KE on 14/05/2017

Death on our Roads - Sorry I Blame You

Death on our Roads  - Sorry I Blame You

With all the upgrades to passenger vehicles, huge investment by the government of the day, formation of safety and regulation authority in recent years you’d think the number of death on our roads would be on the decline. Much has been done to tame the rogue drivers, pedestrians and Saccos.  Customization of vehicles has been done with inclusion of both active and passive safety features to these vehicles in an effort to make them safer. It is the combination of all of these active and passive safety features that make vehicles considerably safer for occupants than they’ve been in the past. But do they make us better drivers?  sorry but the answer is no.

Published in the Journal of Risk Uncertainty, the study suggests that drivers of “safe” vehicles are just as likely to get into accidents and sustain injuries as drivers who were driving “less safe” cars. How can that be? It actually has nothing to do with the cars or the safety features – it has to do with the way we drive. " The Driver"

Yes I understand that avoiding a collision is ideal, but there will inevitably be collisions that are unavoidable due to weather conditions, other drivers, or unforeseen circumstances. But you will agree with me that many accidents can be prevented and in those that are not preventable, the damage could be lessened. 

Now what do we do to minimize fatality on our roads and stop me from blaming you. Here is a list which if you add to what you already have, our roads will be safe. Kindly use your big brain to expound each point at a time

  • Drive according to road & weather conditions. Remember flash floods, those potholes, foggy weather etc 
  • Keep your vehicle in serviceable condition. Go even to the little details as keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure as this is integral for the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road.
  • Wear your seat belt. Make your passengers buckle up, too.
  • Avoid other vehicles. Try to avoid driving next to another vehicle in case it has to swerve to avoid an animal or debris that may be in the road.
  • Watch out at intersections as many accidents happen here. 
  • Stay away from trailers. Remember trailer rigs require extra space when making wide right turns.
  • Turn your head to check for traffic before changing lanes. Do not rely on your mirrors when making a lane change. 
  • Speed Has 5 Letters So Has Death… Slow Has 4 Letters So Has Life. Obey the speed limit even if every other car is surpassing it. Remember that officers often stay hidden from view while looking for over speeding drivers. 
  • Don’t drive if feeling dizzy, or sleepy.
  • Learn a few defense driving skills. Defensive driving means letting others go ahead-not defending your position in traffic. Simple courtesy can save a lot.

  • Have a designated driver when going for drinking spree. Studies show that even one beer can alter your ability to drive safely.

  • Use your signals properly. Always use your signal, even if you think no one is there. 

  • Please Don’T End My Life Before It Begins because of a simple text – Never Use Mobile Phone While Driving

  • Look twice be aware motorcycles are everywhere

So what does this all mean? It means that despite the efforts put on our roads by our government, officers and the vehicle upgrades,  the decisions made by the driver (to speed, to run a red light, to cut in and out of traffic lanes) impact whether or not he/she will be involved in an accident and every accident runs the risk of injury to the people involved.

A Little Care Makes Accidents Rare. Share widely and lets spread the gospel

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