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Posted by: Chome Wa Be'Ngundo on 15/08/2017

It’s time Raila be Loyal to his People

It’s time Raila be Loyal to his People

Raila and NASA coalition have a responsibility and even a duty to quell the post poll skirmishes being experienced in their strongholds. The IEBC declared Uhuru and Jubilee the victor in an election covered by legitimate stamps of approval from Observers and Governments worldwide. Congratulatory messages to the victor of the undisputed democratic process have since streamed in from far and wide with the Kenyan people being commended for the peace of the process and the IEBC receiving plaudits for their conduct of the election.

In any democratic contest there has to be a winner but the good thing about democracy is that there is never a loser. Raila and NASA coalition were not declared losers by IEBC and issued with a loser’s medal; instead they are to be celebrated for allowing democracy to thrive. This country cannot do without a vibrant opposition just like it can’t do without a government of the people by the people. In this democracy Raila and NASA have been mandated by the people to lead them in opposition once more. To lead them in putting Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee at check. It is a responsibility entrusted by the people for the people and it should be given the seriousness it deserves.

The constitution that Baba fought for has mechanisms to disputing polls. It stemmed the draconian 2007 electoral manipulations that led to violence by stipulating a way forward to handling electoral disputes at all levels. Strong institutions are now up and yearning to deliver the new Kenya. In 2013 a strong judiciary under a strong believer of fairness Dr Willy Mutunga delivered the historic verdict to legitimize the election of Uhuruto. The Judiciary was alive then and is alive now. If indeed NASA thinks they have evidence to challenge the results it is welcomed. It is welcomed at the supreme court of Kenya under the God fearing Maraga. Yes they lost in 2013 but that does not mean Justice wasn’t delivered. Malcolm X said “I’m for Justice no matter who it’s for or against” as good citizens of this land we should emulate him.

Raila should lead his supporters on the right path, the path to peace and prosperity. That path is the Institutions constitutionally mandated to handle electoral disputes. Telling people not to go to work is premature politics and sabotage to our economy which is criminal. The people on the streets heeding his [sic] calls of a stolen poll need him.  The constitution Baba fought for established an independent Inspector General of Police in charge of a new Police Service that is empowered to use their capabilities to protect life and property and Baba need to make that clear to his flock which needs his voice now more than ever. A voice telling them to go home and continue with their lives and nation building while he seeks constitutional intervention. A voice of Justice. A voice of Peace.

Raila should at least show some loyalty to his people who have been so loyal to him for so long a time and stop the Violence. He should calm his supporters in the words of Bernie Sanders that election days come and go but the struggle of the people to create a government which represents all of us, a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice- that struggle continues.

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