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Posted by Viral Videos - Trending Videos on 16/08/2017

Should Raila Concede Defeat?

Do not fall under Raila's Trap. Direct the police to stop the killings and call for dialog with an aim to stop the violent protests, specifically by asking Raila to produce evidence of rigging, since it is his basis for riots. Raila has carefully laid a trap like he did when he wanted IEBC out. People were killed in the protests then this became the focus. and pressure point. If you dialog on rigging claims he will have zero evidence and therefore no sympathizers if police brutality and killings continue the focus will move from elections to killings where the government will appear as heavy handed and with many sympathizers the government will be Railas mercy (coalition government with zero option) Haven't you learned on the power of whipping emotions? It worked for Joho, made him larger than life>


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