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Eric M. Willie P.C.

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Kenyanz.com (free online business listings )is a directory for both professionals and businesses with listings from almost all industries. It is also among Worlds's leading business listing websites thanks to its ease of use and amazing features. You can practically find any organization or service provider not only from Kenya but the rest of the world as well, thanks to advanced search tools, which also search by location. This extensive business directory and companies list is always growing by the day. One of the biggest edges Kenyanz.com has over its competitors is the ability to allow users to input a wide range of information. As such, when browsing the business directory and companies listing found on this website, you can find all sorts of information regarding the organisations to aid in making a sober decision. The location of a particular business is not enough; you need convincing and professionally laid out information to grab your consumer’s attention. 

  • How do I join?

Joining Kenyanz.com is easy considering registration is free. Visit their website (https://www.kenyanz.com/join) and click on the ‘Get Listed Today’ option located at the top right section of the website. The Member Login option is right above the registration button meaning after registering you won't have a hard time logging in. However, even without registering or logging in, you can still view available jobs, read classifieds, or view active members.

  • How flexible are Kenyanz.com Plans?

Free listing happens in a matter of seconds and offers searchable listing, ads on listing, one job listing, three video posts, and one article submission to mention a few. However, the Gold Plan going for 4.99$ a month offers all that is found on the free listing option plus social media and SEO links. You can even receive reviews once you subscribe to the Gold Plan. The Platinum Plan goes for 19.99$ but offers more features than its Gold counterpart including up to 15 categories, and unlimited job listing. 

Other options include the Sponsored Post and the Guest Blogger Plans, which cost 49.99$ per month and 10.99$ per month, respectively. You can also opt for the General Membership Plan considering it offers free listing, but you will not have access to essential features such as a job or property listing and video or audio shares to mention a few.

  • What else can I find on Kenyanz.com?

As aforementioned, this directory is unlike many of its counterparts primarily due to the features it has. Not many business directories post articles regarding both trending and past events. However, with Kenyanz.com, it’s not just these two categories that are present, but informative business-related pieces as well as general topics too. Topics can range from the best vehicle to use for a taxi business to how to link your PayPal account to M-Pesa. 

Kenyanz.com also posts current or upcoming events making it the ideal place to look for the next getaway. The directory also displays all sorts of job openings mostly from Kenya although there is also a section for international jobs. Online workers can also find gigs on the directory and work from home. You can also view the latest classifieds and purchase goods such as watches, phones, and shoes to mention a few. Kenyanz.com is undoubtedly the number one directory when it comes to the diversity of services offered. 

Enlist your business today however small and watch it grow to the next level over the shortest period possible. For faster turnovers, be sure to pick a good plan.