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Posted by: Review Website on 30/04/2020

11 Best Kenya Safari Tours Companies

11 Best Kenya Safari Tours Companies

Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in the world. Whether for the different cultures that coexist or the wildlife and welcoming locals, the East African nation has it all. The humid tropical climate also plays a significant role in luring tourists seeking a change of scenery. However, traveling to a foreign country requires proper research and adequate preparation.

The most crucial factor to consider before packing your bags is the safari tour company whose services you will seek. As far as Kenya is concerned, all safari tour companies operate under the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO). KATO provides all the guidelines that these companies should follow and authenticates over 400 companies in the country. All members are expected to stick to strict codes of conduct provided by KATO. 

Each of the companies below has been licensed by KATO, making them valid. With fraudsters making a fortune off of unsuspecting tourists, it is best to be on the safe side from the off when traveling to another country. Other than authenticating the safari company you wish to use, there are a few pointers you need to have in mind before setting off to Kenya. 

Insights to visiting Kenya

The safari tour company you choose should cater for more than your meals and accommodation. Seeing most people visit Kenya as a tourist destination, you should focus on enjoying the time you will get to spend on this beautiful country. As such, choose a safari company that caters to your traveling needs inside the country. Some companies can also book your flights for you to-and-from your country. 

Timing is also vital, depending on the places you wish to visit. For starters, if you want to witness the great wildebeest migration, you have to travel around the time these animals are expected in the Maasai Mara. Consulting with your travel company regarding the weather conditions in the area during your stay is also important. 

July to October is considered the dry period in the county; it is also the time when the Mara plains witness the Great Migration. January to March is the perfect time to visit Kenya with your beach attire. The temperatures are ideal for a swim, and the locals are usually buzzing after the Christmas holiday. Different safari tour companies offer various packages for all holiday seasons. More so, there are always new places to see regardless of the season in Kenya. 

Accommodation should also be a vital point of consideration when traveling to Kenya. What is your ideal lodging preference? Would you like a family home or a hotel? Again, before choosing your favorite safari tour company, be sure to check if they offer the following services. Private houses are often cheaper than hotels, but the latter also has its advantages. For starters, it provides a way to interact with the locals and understand the culture. 

Kenya Safari Tour Companies pride themselves in having the ability to provide all types of tours in the country. There are plenty of options to choose from, such as inbound tours and outbound operators. The former offers trips across the country to non-residents while the latter deals with international trips. Direct-sell operators will deal with you directly as opposed to using your travel agent while wholesale tour operators use agents to sell their packages. 

The safari company you choose should also be able to provide advice to tourists throughout their stay in the country. There is a wide range of safari tours to choose from once you settle on your travel destination. Tour companies cater to major international holiday packages such as Christmas and Idd as well as business trip safaris. Other packages include weekend getaways, family safaris, honeymoon packages, and beach holiday tours, to mention a few. 

With the information above on your fingertips, finding the appropriate safari tour company in Kenya for your travel needs should be easy. Be sure to cross-reference prices as well to make sure you are getting the services you pay for. Are you ready to take a trip to this beautiful East African country? Here is a list of 11 of the best Kenya Safari tour companies for your consideration.  

  1. Bonfire Adventures and Events Limited

Bonfire Adventures is among the first names that pop up when you talk about Kenya safari tour companies. It is not only reputable seeing a lot of local celebrities have vouched for their services, but efficient as well. The company was founded over five years ago and handles both domestic and international tourist needs. Bonfire Adventures is also one of the companies on our list, offering most of the safari packages discussed above. 

Bonfire is also reputable when it comes to exposing the country's beauty. Their packages include worldwide travel insurance, outbound tours, and leisure travel, adventure safaris, city tours, executive car hire, and mountain hikes, to mention a few. The company's headquarters are located in Nairobi City at Yala Towers on the 9th Floor. Visit their website today for more information http://www.bonfireadventures.com/

  1. The Diwaka Tours and Travel Limited

Diwaka Tours and Travel Limited is also popular not only among the locals but internationally as well. The company is very familiar with all that happens locally, making it ideal for your inbound tour needs. However, Diwaka is not only good at inbound travels but their international counterparts as well. The company is also perfect for family travel and offers one of the best packages in that regard. 

Some of the other packages offered by Diwaka Tours and Travel Limited include Kenya photo safaris, beach holidays, camping and trekking safaris, and bird-watching safaris. They also provide honeymoon holidays and mountain climbing safari tours. For more information regarding this tour company, visit http://www.diwakasafaris.com/

  1. Nahdy Travel and Tours Limited

Nahdy Travel and Tours Limited is yet another company in the running for the best safari tour operator in Kenya. However, it is not only well-famed locally but in Tanzania and Zanzibar as well. The two countries can be possible destinations from Kenya for both local and international tourists via this safari company. Nahdy also has multi-lingual staff and driver-guides to ensure your stay is both adventurous and fulfilling.

Nahdy offers packages such as camping and bird watching safaris, Zanzibar and Tanzania tours, and camping and mountain trekking in Tanzania. You can also enjoy city safaris with this company by selecting the Nairobi City tour package. Nahdy also has state-of-the-art off-road vehicles that can handle the rough terrain of the Kenyan inland. For bookings and more info, visit http://www.nahdytravel.com/index.html

  1. AJKenya Safaris Limited

AJKenya Safaris is proudly Kenyan. The company has a team of expert safari experts with a deep love for the different cultures and languages found in the country. As such, a tourist can be assured they will get fully immersed into the Kenyan experience. AJ Safaris also focuses on quick response to ensure all details are in place for a smooth vacation, safari, or honeymoon. This is one of the best companies to use if you wish to get in touch with nature and wildlife. 

Their packages include the Maasai Mara, Kenya luxury, and Kenya wildlife safaris. Small group holidays, and Kenya beach holiday safaris. They also offer Kenya honeymoon and birthday deals and budget safaris. For more info, visit www.ajsararis.com

  1. African Wildcats Adventure Safari

As the name suggests, you can expect a lot of wildlife packages with this tour company. It is also an ideal consideration if you are traveling with your family seeing their prices are fair. Africa Wildcats Adventure offers tourists a chance at thrilling encounters that provide knowledge regarding some of the most beautiful sceneries and animals on the planet. African Wildcats Adventure Safari has also received enormous praise for its efforts towards raising ecological awareness. 

Depending on your safari package, Wildcats offers a wide variety of accommodation choices for both local and international tourists. As aforementioned, they have friendly rates making them the ideal pick for a budget-friendly getaway. If you wish to make a reservation, contact the company through their official website http://www.wildcatssafaris.com/.

  1. Lynra Tours and Travel Services Limited

The modern-day tourist requires a feel of both the beach and the local terrain to feel like they have visited a country. While the beach offers a serene environment and a chance to kick back, nature reserves and game parks provide an opportunity to witness breathtaking experiences. Some of the packages provided by Lynra include beach holidays, camping safaris, wildlife safari packages, and mountaineering. 

The company also offers car hire services as well as accommodation bookings on behalf of their clients. To make a reservation, go to the official company website http://www.lynratravel.com/. Lynra gives tourists a chance to explore parts of Kenya that are only either televised or covered in books, magazines, and papers. You can be sure to unearth a few facts about beautiful Kenya with Lynra. 

  1. Kenya Expresso Tours and Safaris

Kenya Expresso Tours and Safaris is yet another company with a good rapport when it comes to proper customer service. These services have helped the company lure more tourists every year and grow in stature over the past few years. With over a decade’s experience, Expresso is arguably the most reliable safari tour company on our list. Its time on the market has also helped the company spread its wings, seeing it's even operational in Tanzania. 

However, the company’s headquarters are located in Nairobi, Kenya (Vision Plaza 3rd floor). Kenya Expresso Tours and Safaris is also affordable and family-friendly. For reservations, send an email to their customer care team at info@ketsafaris.com or visit the official company website http://www.ketsafaris.com/.

  1. Trippy Go Tours and Travel

If you are looking for a safari tour company with vast experience in the sector, this is yet another viable go-to option for your consideration. Trippy Go Tours has enough experience to know the best times to visit as well as the best places to stay when in the country. The safari tour company also operates internationally, meaning it can also come in handy when handling travel arrangements as well. 

Unlike most companies on our list, Trippy Go Tours has s specialty; holiday packages. Its packages include Easter, Christmas, and weekend getaway safaris. It has also provided a wide variety of Mashujaa Day deals for both local and international tourists over the years. For bookings, visit the official company website www.trippygotours.com

  1. Wasini Dolphin Tour

Wasini Dolphin Tour is also another company with a particular focus when it comes to safari tours. It is located in Mombasa, making it the ideal company for your beach and aquatic life holiday needs. The company specializes in the latter as well as historical ad heritage safaris throughout the country. Mombasa has a wide range of sites to see if you seek to explore Kenya’s heritage seeing it has been active before the country attained its independence. 

Wasini Dolphin Tours also offers snorkeling and deep-sea diving as part of their packages. If the Kenyan scenery is not enough for your vacation, the company can also organize a tour of Zanzibar's sandy beaches. Wasini is by far the best safari and tour company on our list for tourists seeking to explore the Kenyan coast and its marine life. For more info, visit https://www.wasinidolphintours.com/index.html

  1. Bountiful Safaris

It’s only right we include yet another company located in the coastal area of Kenya on our list to give you a variety of options. Bountiful might not be as experienced or as old in the sector as its counterparts mentioned above, but it has quickly gained a reputation since its inception. It has a high rating on Tripadvisor and caters to all your travel needs from flight to hotel booking. 

Bountiful packages include mountain climbing safaris, seasonal holiday packages, flying and camping safaris, and hotel bookings. Visit the company’s official website http://bountifulsafaris.com/ for reservations and more information. 

  1. Carlson Wagonlit Travel Kenya

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Kenya is the last company on our list, but not the least preferable. If anything, it is among the best not only in the country but in the globe as well. This company won the World Travel Awards twice; in 2016 and 2017. It also won the Travel Management Company Award for five years in a row (2010-2015) before scooping the award again in 2018. Carlson Wagonlit Travel Kenya was also voted the leading travel agency in Kenya from 2013 to 2015. 

The success of this company speaks for itself; not many companies on this list can display as many awards or boast of as many achievements as Carlson Wagonlit. For bookings, call +254 203 685 990 or visit https://www.carlsonwagonlit.com/countries/kenya/

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