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Posted by: Review Website on 30/07/2019

12 Best Clubs in Mombasa

12 Best Clubs in Mombasa

Mombasa is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kenya. The coastal city is home to many relics, including buildings that remain erect to-date, showcasing the rich history of the area. After a day of exploring the city's rich culture, history, and famous locations, there are a variety of joints where you can relax with friends, colleagues, or even family and enjoy a beer or some beverage.

Mombasa club owners seem to already bear a proper understanding of what the area has to offer, and as such, the clubs are always in competition. Some of the best clubs in Mombasa have the unique and highly effective advertisement strategies. The nightclub industry is all about promotion and ambiance. The success of most nightclubs around the Kenyan coastal region highly depends on the owner’s ability to offer revelers something they would not get in another club or find on their own. 

Some of the flashiest clubs in their inception have been overtaken by their new counterparts seeing they lost their regular customers. It is cool to have the biggest screens and the best seats, but nobody wants to be in a club where customer service is poor, or waiters and waitresses have an attitude when talking to you. All party-goers want a club where they can have fun and feel at home regardless of its location. As such, we have compiled a list of some of the best and arguably the safest clubs in this area.

Here are some of the best entertainment joints in Mombasa.

1. Moonshine 

Located in one of the best areas in the coastal region, Moonshine Beach Bar is a sensation to everyone around Nyali. They also serve some of the most delicious dishes in Mombasa and all sorts of drinks. The beach bar and restaurant is open every day from 12:30 pm until late and is considered one of the best places to get away from the hassle and bustle of the city. You can even visit the club during the day and enjoy some of the services offered in their hotel, such as a swimming pool. 

 A swimming pool with amazing food is the perfect environment for your kids, but the bar offers more to adults. Moonshine bar has some of the best cocktails in Mombasa, as well as some of the best music in the area. There is also a piano bar where music lovers can enjoy their latest tunes and a sports area where you can watch your favorite team play. At Moonshine, cocktails and mixology are a lifestyle, so be sure to bring an appetite for drinks and your favorite shoes for one of the best night outs Mombasa has to offer.

2. Klub Zero 4

Klub Zero 4 is a sensation along Moi Avenue in Mombasa thanks and among the freshest in the area. Their VIP Lounge has classy leather seats and doesn't cost extra, as seen in many entertainment joints. Some revelers have raised their concern regarding how bouncers treat rowdy club goers, but the form of treatment is what security is all about. The best bouncers are the ones who choose not to compromise the security of the majority and opt to remove a trouble maker from the scene, even forcefully.

Besides, will you not enjoy your beer or whiskey better knowing nobody will disturb your peace or mess with the club's ambiance? Zero 4 also has some of the best DJs in the coast and is an excellent place to visit if you want to drink and dance the night away or just the latter. Every Wednesday, Zero 4 has a girls and cocktails night, which is the perfect midweek after-work party.

Klub Zero 4 also has a karaoke night every Tuesday, which is sometimes backed by a live band performance. They also organize various themed events such as the corporate night, although the club is busiest over the weekend. For reservations, contact the club through +254 705106559. 

3. Danka Grill and Lounge

Looking for elegance in Mtwapa? Look no further than Danka Grill and Lounge. It remains open throughout the day and has an unwind area in case you party too much the previous night at their bar. Danka has arguably the best customer service of all the clubs on this list, as well as ample parking space for revelers. The restaurant area also offers some of the most delicious meals in the coastal city and fun activities for the entire family.

The club also welcomes guest artists every once in a while, such as Ricky Mulolo, most recently as well as a host of other entertainers from the country. Such acts are backed by a live band, making their performances even more intriguing to the club-goers in Mombasa. Danka is the preferred club by people from all walks of life as well as races, so do not be surprised to find Asians breaking a leg alongside Indians and Africans. Call on +254 715786074 to make a reservation at either the club or restaurant. 


4. Tapas Cielo

Tapas Cielo is one of the best cocktails bars in Mombasa. It is located in Nyali Centre, Links Rd, Mombasa, and has one of the most professional customer services of all clubs on our list. Tapas Cielo also has a luxury lounge bar where you can enjoy some whiskey with some soothing music to calm you down after a long day. The club is considered one of the top 10 bars in the country at the moment.  

Even the dominant colors (stone, chrome, and gray) match the ambiance at the club, relaxed and chilled. Did I mention the club is one of the best when it comes to cocktails? Tapas also has a wide variety of wines and beers for your enjoyment. You can book your reservation on their official website (www.tapascielo.com) or contact 0739 888888. 

5. Bella Vista

Bella Vista Sports Bar is located on Digo Road and is one of the best places to watch a football game with your mates. Football season is back, and almost all leagues are active with the international break offering a chance for soccer fans an opportunity to support their national teams. You can catch all the action at Bella Vista with a couple of your mates on their giant television screens.

Other than the ambiance and the fantastic customer service, Bella Vista is also famed for its excellent taste in music. The club also hosts karaoke nights for revelers who enjoy singing. Bella Vista is located right next Safaricom Shop Digo Road, and while there is no number online to book your reservations, the sports bar is always open every day from 8.00 AM. 

6. Mint Lounge

Mint Lounge is a relatively new entertainment spot located in Bamburi Petrocity, Mombasa. The most intriguing thing about this club is its interior setup guaranteed to wow even the staunchest critic. If you are looking for a club in Mombasa where you can take your loved ones and blow their minds away with just the view, then Mint Lounge should do the trick. Similar to some other clubs on this list, Mint Lounge also hosts special themed nights.

They advertise them on their social media pages with the help of the DJs or artists expected to perform on the particular night of the event, the latest celebrity being Khaligraph Jones. Mint Lounge also plays reggae exclusively every Sunday for revelers who enjoy that type of music.  Book your reservation today by calling +254 726529457.

7. Mingles Lounge at Mamba Village

Mingles Club at Mamba Village is one of the most interesting places to party with your close friends. Enjoy the cool ambiance and delicious meals served at the restaurant, as well as the refreshing drinks. It also hosts culture nights such as Mugithi night as well as nights meant to celebrate the musical diversity seen in the 47 tribes in Kenya. Do not be surprised to find revelers from your tribe in one night enjoying delicacies and music from your hometown.

Mingles is also a sports bar with TV screens for football games as well as a pool table. However, the food attracts more people when it comes to this particular joint. You can even enjoy fresh crocodile if you are lucky and get a chance to see some of them swim nearby inside Mamba Village. Revelers consider it hip, and it attracts a lot of youth and young adults. For more info, call 0722 277701.

8. Club Hypnotica 

Club Hypnotica is rated as a top ten nightlife spot on Trip Advisor and for a good reason. It is located on Nyali Road near Nyali Center, Mombasa. There is also a branch in Nairobi, which is not as different as its coastal counterpart though the latter is believed to have the biggest crowds, especially on weekends. The music is also amazing, considering the club has some of the best DJs in Mombasa, but also occasionally welcome guest DJs to entertain their clients.

The club has all sorts of beverages ranging from beer to whiskey, wine, and vodka, to mention a few as well as offers on the same on certain occasions. For example, there is an offer at the moment, allowing revelers to bring alcohol from other places, but buy mixers in the club. They are probably the only club in the country with such an offer. Club Hypnotica also serves some of the best meals in Mombasa; you can reserve a spot by calling 0709 222174. 

9. Anuba Lounge

If you are looking for elegance and a stylish ambiance, then Anuba Lounge is your ideal spot. It is located on Nyali Center's first floor on Links Road Mombasa and is regarded as one of the best dance clubs in the coastal city. If you are new in Mombasa, you will hear a lot of talk about Nyali hosting some of the best parties as well as the wealthiest people in the coastal city. Such a reputation deserves a fitting lounge, and Anuba has managed to fill that spot.

The only complaint revelers give when it comes to this club is the lack of available space to sit as sometimes it is packed to the brim. Whether it is a Monday or a Friday, Anuba always has customers ready to enjoy the night in one of the most entertaining clubs in Mombasa. For reservations, contact 0707 547054. 

10. J.D’s Bar and Restaurant 

J.D is an acronym for Just Drinks; the bar and restaurant have delicious meals and good music coupled with a fantastic view of the creek. It's also one of the best spots for cocktails on our list. Whether you want to enjoy some wine outside in the green or relax on a couch while watching a soccer game, J.Ds has it all covered. The club also recently introduced live band nights every Sunday, a touch most live band fans in the area will appreciate.

To make a reservation at J.D's Bar and Restaurant, call +254 721372456.

11. Skyluxx Sports Pub and Grill

Launched back in 2013 in a star-studded event, Skyluxx Sports Bar and Grill remains one of the best entertainment spots in Mombasa to date. Here you can expect to meet a star D.J or a celebrity every once in a while. Even with the multiple clubs that have been opened in Mombasa since 2013, Skyluxx retains its regular customers and always captures new ones almost every weekend. 

The club also comes with ample parking and accommodation is nearby, giving party-goers a full sense of home and belonging. Skyluxx has some of the best food (especially fish, their fish is terrific) and a wide variety of beverages for your consideration it is located off Malindi Road, nearly 100 m from main road Mtwapa. For enquiries and reservations, call +254 715202985.

12. Sheba Lounge and Restaurant

Sheba’s is the perfect place for a meet-up with friends when in the city. The Ethiopian theme is especially intriguing, as well as the variety of cocktails served at the rooftop bar. Most of their meals come with coffee at the end. The club has also hosted an array of DJs in the pasts such as DJ Hypnotiq, Crème De La Crème, and DJ Kaytrixx, to mention a few as well as local and international celebrities. 

Nazizi and Sauti Sol have performed in the lounge. However, even without these big stars, Sheba Lounge continues to attract lots of revelers every week. If not for the sweet African dishes offered at their restaurant, be sure to visit Sheba Lounge for its lovely taste in music and enchanting atmosphere. For reservations, contact +254 707 717770.

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