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Posted by: Kenya Today - Kenya News on 14/08/2019

13 Best Computer Colleges in Kenya

13 Best Computer Colleges in Kenya

Computer colleges in Kenya have become popular over recent years as accreditation to run such institutions became easier to attain. While some are up to the prerequisite standards, not all computer colleges offer the best services when it comes to computer packages. However, there is a variety of verified computer institutions around the country that provide the best services. To separate the best from the rest, we have compiled a list of 13 of the best computer colleges around the country.

Before sending your child or recommending any computer college to anyone, consider the packages offered as well as the validity of the institution. More so, when considering the latter, be sure to check their reviews as some of them offer more insight regarding the type of education your child will receive. After a thorough review, we have compiled a list of 13 of the best computer colleges in Kenya.

  • Institute of Advanced Technology – Mombasa

The Institute of Advanced Technology is a revered institution located along Mombasa road, Nyerere Avenue in Mombasa. The university offers some of the best learning experiences and computer-related courses for students from all over Kenya. For more information, contact 0739251680or visit http://www.iat.ac.ke/.

  • Institute of Software Technologies

The Institute of Software Technologies in Nairobi has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Google and offers all computer-related courses. It is located on Mpaka Road, West Point Building (6th floor), Parklands, Nairobi. For more info call 0739944882 or visit https://www.isteducation.com/.

  • Intel College

Located in Nairobi city, this computer college is one of the best in the city when it comes to Btec and Excel programs in the country. Visit their website https://www.inteluni.ac.ke/ or call 0724256831.

  • Kenya Medical Training College

The word medical in this college’s name does not mean it deals with medicine solely. It also offers computer classes to all willing students along Thika Road in Nairobi. Call 020 2391315 or visit http://kmtc.ac.ke/site/ for more info.

  • College of advanced technology

This 5-star rated college is located on Summit House’s Mezzanine Floor opposite the Central Police station in Nairobi. It offers all the computer-related courses. Call 020 2326158 for more info. 

  • Digital Space Computer College

This 5-star rated computer college is located in Ol Kalou, Nyandarua County. It is listed as a computer training school and one of the best in the country. Call 0729 536978 or visit their website https://digital-space-computer-college.business.site/ for more information.

  • Kericho School of Professional Studies

For those in Kericho County, you can enroll at the Kericho School of Professional Studies for a variety of computer courses for an affordable fee. Call 0725 580447 for more information regarding the institution’s curriculum.

  • Kenyaplex Institute of Technology

The Kenyaplex Institute of Technology is located at Musaalani Shopping Centre in Mwala Constituency, Machakos. The college offers Information Technology courses as well as introductory computer package courses. For more info call 0792 009522 or visit https://www.kenyaplex.com/colleges/2541-kenyaplex-institute-of-technology.aspx.

  • Aptech Computer Education Nairobi

The Aptech Computer Education Centre is located in Ngara, Nairobi and offers all types of computer courses, especially for beginners. To book your spot call 0786 574026 or 020 3866030.

  •  Milestone Institute of Professional Studies

There are a variety of colleges offering computer courses in Thika, but a few, such as the Milestone Institute of Professional Studies offers the best computer training. To book your spot in the institution, visit info@mips.co.ke or call 0722 972438.

  • Coastlands College of Professional Studies

Located in Mombasa, this college is among the many in the city offering computer courses. However, its professionalism and learning-oriented ambiance make it the perfect place to learn computers. Contact coastlandscollege@gmail.com or call 0721 220718/0207857897/0412220485 for more details.

  • Zetech Computer College

Zetech is a popular name around the learning institutions circles, and it has a college dedicated to computer and IT studies. The Zetech Computer College is located on Monrovia Lane in Nairobi. For more details call 0702 929233.

  • Kitui Institute of Business and Computer Studies

The Kitui Institute of Business and Computer Studies is located in Kitui Town, Kitui County. The college offers both business and computer courses but is more popular for the latter. For more details, contact the institution at director@kibcs.com or call 0728 963161.

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