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Posted by: Samuel Ndwiga on 04/11/2016

2016 US Elections, Is it Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

2016 US Elections, Is it Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

The 2016 US election is just a couple of days ahead and, as expected, the political atmospheres are tensed. Maybe a bit more than usual considering the hostility and desperation being demonstrated by the two main presidential candidates; Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party and the Republican flag bearer, Donald Trump.

A good number of the Americans are disgruntled with the quality of campaigns and debates undertaken by these leading candidates. This has brought about doubts on the quality of candidates available to the voting populations.  The Americans aren’t helping the situation either; they are divided across the lines, wielding blade-like tongues in solidarity with their preferred candidates.

Several people believe that this represents a new low on American politics. As of today, about four days to the final election, the two leading candidates are literarily in the eye of the storm, bulged by an array of moral and criminal allegations. These have given political analysts a hell of work trying hard to track the many daily surprises of the fiercest election in American recent history.

What’s it about these two candidates that have brought the rest of the world to a pin-sound silence? Let’s take a look at the review of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump activities so far to clear our doubts.


Donald Trump, a successful entrepreneur who hasn’t been active in politics until recently, brought a new twist to American electoral campaigns when he decimated the rules, ignored traditions and presented the Americans with new sets of political puzzles. On the other hand, Hillary, a second-time candidate, is bent on walking right through him to the Whitehouse.

Even before he got the ticket to represent the Republicans, Donald Trump is known to pay very little details to political correctness. People, however, started taking him seriously when he surprisingly led the group in a mock poll earlier in May. Since then, a number of change-driven Americans have sprung up behind him to take advantage of his uncommon political views and push up supports for his candidacy.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton was by far, the bookmakers’ choice. A career politician, wife of a former USA president and, recently, Secretary of States, Hillary could be said to have duly cut her teeth in American politics.


As expected, Trump has been more controversial in his political ideologies than Hilary. His views about American Immigrants, American involvement in the middle-East, in NATO and their relationship with allies and enemies states, have been anything but conventional. Against simple logics, these played on the fears of the Americans who have trooped out in his support. Needless to say, several of the views have also created many enemies for him.

On the other hand, Clinton is a lot more conservative as regards policy change pushing for ideologies that strengthen previous government’s efforts while promising to improve on a couple of others.


One thing that is gradually becoming the norm in the race, this year, is the unpredictable influx of scandals on the America’s leading presidential candidates.

Earlier, at the start of the last lap of the race, Trump has been accused of a series of wrongs. One thing you can’t take away from Trump is the ease at which is misuse his words. He attacked virtually every USA’s institutions including calling out the sitting and the previous presidents on a number of wrongs.

Eventually, he made a major gaffe when he suggested that Russians should hack into USA cyber-space to expose Hillary’s “crooked dealings”. That brought him back to his knees. Also, he attacked immigrants while specifically accusing Africans of desecrating the USA.

Eventually, he landed in a couple of racist and gender-based scandals. His popularity nose-dived as Hillary’s took comfortable leads in all polls and researches conducted at the time. However, that was just the start of the race.

Trump’s team turned the table and accused the Clintons’ foundations of financial fraud and, again, Hillary was labelled crooked for some of her actions and misdeeds while she was the Secretary of States. Those didn’t seem to have made much damage until FBI suddenly re-opened investigations into the controversial e-mail scandals a couple of days to the election. It seemed now that the worst days are over for Trump as figures showed he has returned to the race. However, Trump’s refusal to say he will agree with the outcome of the election when the figures were down, is turning out the biggest setback for him at this time.

On a larger scale, the two candidates are strongly divided on issues ranging from individual rights, economic policies, domestic issues, and, international diplomacy, in a bid to take advantage of one another’s loopholes. Today, less than 80 hours from the final elections, the gap has continued to dwindle.

As at today, more than 31 million Americans have voted but the race is far from over: the pendulum can still swing either way. The damning truth however is, Americans are far more divided now than ever and November 8 might just be the beginning of the race for whoever won the poll.

Can any last-minute scandal decide the race? Is there any winning card left to be used by either of the candidates? The time is ticking, Americans will decide.

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