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Posted by: Zoe Sewell on 27/02/2020

4 Kitchen Trends Inspired By Modern Cabinet Makers

4 Kitchen Trends Inspired By Modern Cabinet Makers

The kitchen is the crowning jewel of your home since it attracts the most attention and the kitchen cabinets are the icing on the cake. This might be confusing as to how do kitchen cabinets become the center of attention? In other words, kitchen cabinets take up almost 80% space of your entire kitchen and hence they are most noticeable. There are so many things you can do with the right set of kitchen cabinets. They can take your kitchen from boring to invigorating quite easily. Cabinets serve the single purpose of preserving space and storing items but modern cabinet makers Surrey Hills have sworn to make cabinets that light up your entire kitchen layout. Today, the rise of simplistic and minimalistic cabinet layouts has given birth to some eye-catching and bold designs. Modern homeowners prefer specially customized designs in order to give their kitchen a unique edge. First of all, in order to have the perfect kitchen, you need to understand its needs first. Cabinets come in various shapes and sizes, and based on what you need, they will most surely vary.

Following Are a Few Trends Inspired by Modern Cabinet Makers:

1. Open Shelves: You may possess some unique and stylistic utensils and cutlery that you would like to keep on display. Open shelves can make your kitchen look almost like a gallery for your guests. With just the right type of design, your kitchen hangs ware can be placed conveniently without disrupting the aesthetics of it all. Open shelf cabinetry has been a rising trend since 2018 and is still quite popular. You might otherwise feel more secured with closed-door cabinets if you weren’t aware of the benefits of installing open shelves. Cabinet makers went ahead with the idea of keeping in mind that open shelves create the illusion and feel of more spaciousness in the kitchen. It offers a clean airy feeling while also being efficient as you can simply reach out and grab a plate without much hindrance. There are so many things you can do with your open shelved kitchen to make it look more aesthetic, like putting up cutlery of uniform color or stack up wine bottles and bowls of china to add to the design. 

2. Customizing Colors: The old wooden chick design has finally become outdated and playing with colors has now grabbed people’s attention. Using bold and strong consistent colors helps build character for your home. Cabinet makers have now realized that color can make all the difference that design couldn’t and hence with the help professional paint companies they have now elevated this trend. Using neutral colors that match best with the personality of their kitchen is hogging all the spotlight in the market. Grey, yellow and even light green colors are quite a popular riding on this trend. There are primarily three categories of color to choose from – light, medium and deep. Lighter tones give a soothing and neat look to your kitchen, medium tones help increase the ‘class’ amongst classy layouts while dark colors like emerald green or navy blue give you bold outlook towards your kitchen. 

3. Transitional Styling: Contemporary styling of furniture and other décor is what makes your kitchen feel ‘outstanding’. There is so much you can do with transitional styling as there is an endless combination, using only wooden, leather-covered or glass furniture. You can try subtle as well as dramatic patterns and mix it up to create something completely unique.

4. Sharp and Clean: The simplest designs can sometimes be the sharpest designs. Minimalistic decors are now the center of all trends and it gives everything in your kitchen a clean look. Cabinet makers have made many innovations with designs harboring simplistic and common shapes that keep a low profile. 

Popular kitchen trends are evolving, leaving no reason to cling to the old ways. The kitchen layout has now become an arena of aesthetics given the vast number of innovations provide by modern-day cabinet makers.

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