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Posted by: Health, Nutrition and Fitness on 19/10/2017

4 Steps to Being a Better Man, Father, and Lover

4 Steps to Being a Better Man, Father, and Lover

According to the creation theory, man was created as an instrument of authority and leadership. Man might have been created on the sixth day, but he was given authority to name all the other things that God had created including the helper he was given, woman. This trust shows the high level of responsibility God has put in man. As such, men are required to be the prime examples for all living things and society in general.

Over the years, man has become weak; he has neglected his authority and responsibilities. It won’t take a week before we hear that a man has hit his wife or girlfriend, neglected his children, or a fifty-something-year-old man is sleeping with a girl the age of his last born daughter. These are indications of our progressive moral dwarfism.

However, it’s not too late for man to redeem himself and become the great being his creator had envisioned. Here are four things a man should do to become a better version of himself, a better husband or the best lover.

1.   Be responsible

A man should always be ready to take responsibility. As a husband and father, you should be able to provide for your family and make sure that all the necessary things are available. Ensure your children never sleep hungry and if you live in a rented house, pay the rent on time. Not to mention, if your children are in school, ensure that the school fee is always fully paid.

As a boyfriend, you should be able to love and care for your girlfriend. Do not treat her as an instrument for your sexual desires knowing very well you don’t have a care in the world about her well-being. Considering you are obligated to protecting and taking care of her, negligence and lack of attention are unmanly.

Men should also take responsibility for the emotional trauma they inflict on others.

2.    Have a plan.

To be a better man you should have a plan in everything you do. Both short term and long term plans prepare you for every activity you wish to undertake and offer proper guidance. Plan for the smallest of things, be it revising for your exams, buying a house or a car, when to get married, or when to have children. Plans will keep you streamlined thus improving your focus on the things that matter while helping you avoid distractions.

3.    Keep your word

There is an old saying I like revisiting every time I promise something to someone, ‘my word is my bond.’ Never make promises you know you can’t keep. Your character will be judged by what you say to others and your adherence to the commitments you make.

If you tell your child you will be there for their graduation, make sure you are available. Similarly, if you promise your girlfriend a trip outside of town for your anniversary, then make sure you pay for the tickets on time. Not to mention, if you tell your business partner you will pay your debt by the 30th, then you better have the money by the 29th of the same month.

4.    Keep time.

I cannot stress this point enough; always be on time. Never keep people waiting if you agree to meet on a particular day or time, it makes you look bad and characterizes you as an undependable person. In the long run, this perception ends up ruining your character.

A lot has been given to man, and as the saying goes, ‘to whom a lot has been given, a lot is expected.’ As such, all men should always strive to be better versions of themselves.

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