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Posted by: Health, Nutrition and Fitness on 08/07/2019

5 Experts Reasons Why the best age to get Married is 30 to 35 Year Old

5 Experts Reasons Why the best age to get Married is 30 to 35 Year Old

To most people lately, getting married has become a complicated issue especially with the shift in values in society lately. A lot of people are in relationships for the wrong reasons and end up hurting each other in the long run. Most marriages between two people in their 20s hardly work and for good reason. For starters, the 20s are when most people experiment and learn more about life and build their careers while gaining financial freedom.

However, you should wait until your 40s to finally propose to that girl you like, marrying in your early 30s ensures a happy union for the two of you. Here’s why.

  • You’ll be certain

It is often said, ‘with age comes wisdom.’ By 35, you have already experienced betrayal, heartbreaks, being used, the difference between love and lust and all the shenanigans associated with young love. You are already settled now and focusing on your life goals and career development. This is the best time to put a ring on her finger as your life is more stable and you already know yourself and what you really want.

More often than not, the girl you settle for at this time might not be the same one you thought you would marry in your 20s; perspectives and priorities often change with age.

  • Age does not determine love

I bet you have seen old couples walking in the street hand-in-hand with beaming smiles on their faces. That is enough evidence that age is not a factor for love. However, there are different forms of love; at 30 a person knows exactly what it means to love and be loved. Love might change with age, but marrying after 30 ensures you will enjoy all it has to give with a partner who understands the changes involved and is ready to see it through to the end.

  • You are financially stable

Memes on social media claiming girls are bad for asking the guy to always pay for their date are wrong. That type of thinking will never motivate a man or help him become a gentleman. Focusing on financial freedom in your 20s ensures your money matters are in order before 30. With this kind of financial stability, you can not only pay for that ideal date, but also help build a home for your children with a capable spouse.

  • Marriage lasts forever; why rush?

Having a girlfriend in your 20s is a good thing, but exchanging your vows at that age might not be the best idea. At least wait until you are in your early 30s before making the lifetime commitment. Not to mention, marriage is just a sure way to give stability and assurance; focus on finding the former first, then marry before 35.

  • Succeeding is harder with age

Don’t get it twisted, you can build a business empire in your 20s and have the stability needed to be a young CEO, but keeping that wealth and maintaining your sanity and values requires support. A girl who loves you will help keep you grounded, and there is no better time to attain that stability than before 35. Any unfulfilled dreams are guaranteed to come to fruition the moment you put that ring on her finger. Do not rush though, but do not let it get past 35.

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