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Posted by: Samuel Ndwiga on 13/07/2019

7 Best Cars for Taxi Business in Kenya

7 Best Cars for Taxi Business in Kenya

Before the introduction of Uber services, most taxi drivers were finding it hard to find clients. The CBD was awash with cars with yellow lines on the side and a lit up taxi roof light to signify the presence of cab services. Similarly, Kenyans had to walk to where the taxis are usually packed to access their services. Technology has completely transformed the taxi business as we know it by shifting the power to the people, and the diligent cab drivers.

Nowadays, you can order a taxi from your bedroom as you dress up for a meeting or even a date and expect them to pick you up at your exact location. While such features boosted the taxi industries, most of the companies making such services possible to Kenyans do not pick just any car. Uber, Little Cab, and Taxify to mention a few, have very strict rules regarding the type of cars to use when on their platform. You can still offer taxi services without joining these platforms, but you need one of the following cars to register a profit in the industry.

Here are 7 of the best cars to use for taxi services in Kenya.

  • Toyota Axio

The Toyota Axio is both affordable when it comes to purchase and in terms of consumption and maintenance as well. It consumes a litre for every 15 kilometers and is spacious making it an ideal vehicle for taxi services in Kenya.

  • Toyota Prius Hybrid

Any hybrid car is perfect for the taxi business, but you need one that can switch between the electric engine and its gasoline counterpart. The Toyota Prius Hybrid is a good example of such a car seeing it will use a single litre to cover 25 kilometers of road; that’s assuming you do not use the electric engine, which doesn’t require fuel.

  • Toyota Belta

You can buy this car depending on your terrain and road conditions seeing it comes in threes (1000cc, 1300cc, and 1500cc). It is also cheap, easy to maintain, and one of the most common taxi vehicles in Kenya.

  • Honda Fit

A 1300cc Honda Fit is enough to get your taxi business running in Kenya. Considering the car was manufactured in 2001, a lot of taxi service providers such as Uber and Taxify have no problem accepting the vehicle as part of their catalogue. Just make sure it’s in perfect condition.

  • Nissan Swift

The 2012 Suzuki Swift is as cheap as they come and at 1300cc this car is very economical when it comes to fuel consumption. As such, you will be able to make more rounds and save more money as opposed to other vehicles with higher engine power.

  • Mazda Demio

Just like its counterpart above, the Mazda Demio also has 1300cc and is very affordable. However, be sure to buy the fourth generation of the vehicle as it is the latest and the most likely to be accepted by various taxi companies. It is similar to Toyota Vitz in terms of appearance but performance separates the two vehicles.

  • Toyota Passo

I bet you have used this car at one point in your life after requesting for an Uber. It is affordable and easy to maintain and a favorite for many drivers in the taxi business due to its low fuel consumption. At 1300cc, the Toyota Passo is the ideal taxi for upmarket areas, cities and town centres with fairly good roads.

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