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Posted by: Online Coupons on 06/11/2019

7 Best Jumia Kenya Black Friday Deals

7 Best Jumia Kenya Black Friday Deals

It is about that time of the years when Jumia Kenya sells its products at a lower price. Almost every item you can think of will be available at a cut-price, and if you are lucky, you might even get the free delivery offer as well. Jumia Kenya Black Friday will officially commence on the 8th of November and end on the 29th of the same month. In this time, you can get some of the best deals on furniture, smartphones, and electronics, to mention a few. 

While Black Friday deals will go on throughout the dates mentioned above, you can also enjoy the biggest flash sales every Friday between 8th and 29th November 2019. Jumia introduced this sale a few years ago in a bid to popularize its online platform, but Kenyans made it a culture and make a lot of purchases around this time. Jumia Kenya Black Friday has been made possible by Jumia and a host of other partners, including Nivea, Samsung, Jameson, Uka, and Maybelline New York. 

How can I access these deals?

You can easily enjoy Jumia's Black Friday as long as you have a laptop, PC, or mobile device with proper internet. With a mobile phone, you can download the Jumia app from Play Store, and all the deals will be visible to you. Jumia also has deals that are custom-made for mobile devices, so using your phone means you can see more offers as opposed to when you are using a laptop or a PC. However, you can also see all the deals on the latter and shop at your convenience. 

Fashionistas will also be happy to know that Jumia Black Friday has some of the best clothes going for ludicrous prices. If you work in a corporate organization, you can purchase some of the best suits and ties and even formal dresses, skirts, and blouses on Black Friday. They also have casual wear as well as shoes, as we will explore later on in this article and gowns too. Here are the specific dates for the 2019 Jumia Kenya Black Friday.

Specific dates for Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2019

As aforementioned, Jumia Kenya Black Friday will occur from November 8th to the 29th. However, while there might be flash sales and other forms of promotion throughout this time, it is the Fridays that offer the biggest opportunities to land on some of the best deals of the year. If you want to buy cheap items such as phones, fridge, generators, or even a generator, mark these dates; 8th, 15th, 22nd, and the 29th. The best news is Jumia shoppers who are out of the country can also participate in the sale. 

However, the offer only applies to people in the Ivory Coast, Uganda, Cameroon, Tanzania, Algeria, and South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt. Jumia Kenya has also invited customers who have never used the platform to make the best of this opportunity. A while ago, a referral was enough to get you cut prices on the items you wish to purchase, but considering it is Black Friday and all prices will be reduced, referrals are not a guarantee for better prices.

What about the Jumia Kenya Black Friday treasure hunt?

The Jumia Kenya Black Friday treasure hunt is going to be arguably the biggest opportunity to get significant discounts. However, participating in the treasure hunt is not as straightforward as joining the Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2019 edition. To partake in the Jumia treasure hunt, search the Jumia Black Friday 2019 offer pages. Last year, a lot of customers made multiple purchases using the treasure hunt deal, and the Black Friday offer as well.

Not to mention, the treasure hunt is also another good way to keep up with the 2019 Black Friday deals considering some items run out of stock. Picture it like this, if everybody is participating and purchasing items such as microwaves and clothes, aren't the chances of the online platform finishing its stock early? As such, be sure to keep up with the deals by using the treasure hunt offer, which boosts your chances of seeing more products by the hour. 

Important Jumia Kenya Black Friday shopping tips

To maximize your shopping experience on Jumia Kenya Black Friday’s sale, follow the tips below. 

  • Take advantage of social media

Admittedly, it is hard to catch up with all the deals happening on Jumia Kenya Black Friday unless you are always on the Jumia app or their official website. The latter is even harder to stay on, but social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook are where most people spend their time. Jumia posts the latest deals on social media, and considering they are on some of these popular social media platforms, following them is a sure way to stay updated. 

  • Be sure to follow authentic sites

This point is correlated to the one above with regard to following the eCommerce site that is Jumia. However, a lot of sites also have these offers and can claim to operate in conjunction with Jumia Kenya. As such, be sure to verify the eCommerce site you wish to make the purchase from before buying anything.

  • Create a shopping list

I am sure I am not the only person that looks at items on the shelves of a supermarket and get an instant urge to make a purchase. The craving is even stronger on Jumia Kenya Black Friday, considering all items are sold at a cheaper price. As such, create a list of the things you wish to purchase before this offer starts to ensure you do not exceed your budget and end up not having rent or school fees money.

  • Timing is key

Timing is essential when it comes to Jumia Kenya Black Friday. Shopping on time during this period means putting the items you selected in a cart as early as possible. Being late means other people can get the items, and as earlier mentioned, sometimes even Jumia Kenya runs out of stock when it comes to certain items on Black Friday. As such, to make the most of this year’s Jumia Kenya Black Friday, set your timer to the Black Friday start time. 

  • Go through the deals

Lastly, be sure to go through all the deals on offer before jumping on the one you think is cheapest. You might think a particular phone is cheap, but you can get a better one at an even lower price. Going through the Black Friday deals is also one of the best ways to plan your budget, seeing you will have all the items you need as well as their prices before proceeding with making the purchase. 

As promised, here are 7 of the best Jumia Kenya Black Friday deals

1. Smartphones ( Best on offer)

A lot of people wait until the Jumia Kenya Black Friday sale is on to purchase the phone of their dreams. Jumia does not disappoint and offers some of the best smartphones at slashed prices, such as the Huawei Y5 2019 with 2GB RAM for Ksh. 9,699, as opposed to the normal price of Ksh. 10,000. You can also get the Samsung Galaxy A10s for Ksh. 11,999 instead of Ksh. 12,775 or the Leagoo M9 for Ksh. 10,438 from Ksh. 20,876.

If you are an Apple fan, you can also get the iPhone 6S, which has a 12MP camera and 2GB of RAM for Ksh. 25,284 from Ksh. 30,000. However, the Samsung S6 has the best deal this Black Friday going for Ksh. 15,980 from a whooping Ksh. 48,000. 

2. PS4 (Buy Now)  

Gamers have also not been left behind when it comes to the Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2019 deals. Typically, the PlayStation 4 Slim console goes for Ksh. 42,000. However, during Jumia Kenya Black Friday, you can purchase the same at Ksh. 30,500. The PS4 DualShock gaming controller is also going for Ksh. 3,500, as opposed to the normal Ksh. 6,500, which is a 50% price slash. You can also get a stripe skin sticker console decal controller cover for your PS4 for as little as Ksh. 1,000. 

Considering most people also buy PlayStation games from the same place they buy their consoles and controllers, you can also purchase the FIFA 20 PS4 game on Black Friday. The game is going for Ksh. 5,099 from Ksh. 7,000, which is a 27% price slash. 

3. Furniture (Buy Now) 

Are you looking for a new table, wardrobe, or even swinging chair for your grandparents? You can get all the furniture you want on Jumia Kenya Black Friday at unbelievable prices. For starters, you can get 50% off on the 15 hook rotating clothes, coat, and hat hanger. Normally, the same costs Ksh. 32,844 on the same platform but Ksh. 16,422 on Jumia Kenya Black Friday. You can also get a silver seal complete bed set for Ksh. 41,995 from Ksh. 51,995. 

Jumia also has some of the best TV stands with the Colibri ACA TV stand going for Ksh. 11,500 as opposed to the original Ksh. 25,130. A generic coffee table also goes for Ksh. 7,500 from Ksh. 8,000. There is plenty of furniture to sort through on Black Friday, ranging from pull-out chairs to twin beds, kids study tables, and iron boards, to mention a few.

4. Watches  (Buy Now) 

If you are a fan of beautiful watches, take advantage of Jumia Kenya's Black Friday 2019 to purchase some of the best timepieces of our time. More so, there are offers on almost all types of watches ranging from regular watches to their digital counterparts. For class purposes, you can purchase the generic TA Luxury luminous needle watch with a leather strap belt at a mere Ksh. 225 instead of Ksh. 655.

As far as brands go, SKMEI has some of the best offers as far as watches go with the SKMEI men sports countdown double-time watch going for Ksh. 890 instead of Ksh. 1,910; a 53% price slash. 

5. Shoes/Clothing (Buy Now) 

Jumia is so good when it comes to fashion that it has already categorized clothing with regard to sex and size. As such, it will be easier for women, men, and kids to find the appropriate shoes and clothes, seeing their sections are labeled respectively on the Jumia platform. The Julie Fashion formal dress will go for a mere Ksh. 999 from Ksh. 4,100 once Black Friday commences. 

Men can also purchase fitting trousers such as the Chinos casual trousers on Black Friday, considering it has a 67% price slash from Ksh. 3,200 to Ksh. 1,500. Kids have also not been left behind with a wide variety of clothes and shoes available at meager prices. For starters, VITIKE kids trendy sneakers have a 63% price cut from Ksh. 9,000 to Ksh. 3,300. 

6. Laptops (Buy Now)


For those looking for electronics, Jumia Kenya Black Friday also has you covered. Get the latest laptops every Friday at breathtaking prices. I mean, what else would you ask for when the Refur Dell 3150 with 4GB RAM and 250GB internal storage has a 22% price cut? Typically, this laptop goes for Ksh. 17,000, but Jumia Kenya Black Friday will sell the same for Ksh. 13,999. You can also purchase the HP Intel Celeron at Ksh. 27,300 instead of Ksh.38,999 and get a free anti-theft bag as well. 

Other brands such as Asus, Dell, GPD, Spark, and Lenovo, to mention a few also have offers on their products. A good example is the coveted GPD pocket laptop, which generally goes for Ksh. 148,999, but Jumia Black Friday sells the same for Ksh. 78,999.  

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7. Electronics (Buy Now) 

Electronics are a much-frequented section once Jumia Kenya Black Friday kicks off regardless of the year. It takes a lot of planning and saving to purchase a 42-inch digital television, considering they are costly. However, you can get that particular television on Jumia during Black Friday for 22% less (Ksh. 23,399 from Ksh. 30,000). You can also purchase a mini auto car fresh air ionic purifier for Ksh. 999 from Ksh. 1,996. 

If you are planning to install a car radio in your vehicle, you can purchase the Android 8.0 car radio with Bluetooth and a capacitive touch screen for Ksh. 14,296 instead of Ksh. 21,444. If you are sure of the electronic items you want to purchase, search them on the website’s search bar to avoid wasting time, which can lead to the items going out of stock.

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