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Posted by: Jason Statham on 16/03/2016

7 Don’ts of Choosing a Domain Name

7 Don’ts of Choosing a Domain Name

Have you ever tried watching a movie without first checking the movie title, or reading a book without first getting endeared to the cover title? I guess your answer to these two questions, are no! Now, you may want to be conscious of that too when you are choosing your domain name. Choosing an eye-catching yet interesting domain name can be done, as long as you follow the following steps.

Now, let's assume you are tagging along with some free -sub domains, provided by a blogger or any other service, you might want to consider having your very own custom domain name for as low as 3 dollars and at most, for 10 dollars. Need I tell you that smartness has several advantages in business? Well if you already know, then I guess you would understand that you have to move fast in buying the desired domain name you want before someone else does. a custom domain will always have an advantage over a free subdomain like “yourname.wordpress.com” or “yourname.blogspot.com.”


Fine, I know that a lot of people have been in this business before you, and probably also taken up your favorite name. But trust me, people always find it easier and remember to type in a shorter name; this means that at the end of the day, your lengthy domain name might even be the reason you are getting slow traffic. Curiously, micro niche bloggers now pick very lengthy domain names to get a top position in the job search, but Google is handling this challenge like a pro by tweaking its algorithm to keep tabs on such micro niche blogs, and with the latest Hummingbird algorithm update, it is not going to become any easier.


Most internet surfers do not have enough patience to get a dictionary of words simply because they want to visit our domain you know, just do everybody a favour and stay away from jaw-breaking words such as “refurbishing”.


Okay, let me just say here that there are other extensions that sound just as cute as the dot com. How about, .uk, .org,.net or even .Asia? This obviously depends on what kind of function your website does. It is better to consider something like .org if your website is all about social services or civil activities.  And if all your attention is directed to a specific flow of traffic, you can try something like .asia, especially if you are driving traffic only from that region.


I would not even let you think about selecting a domain name that sounds or pronounces like another one. It may look like a good idea at some point to use a domain name that sounds like one you have heard before, but the after effect is that you have failed to be original, and users can see through that.  For instance, using techmunch as your domain name sounds so much as TechCrunch which is original you are trying to shine off. At the end of the day, users will go for the familiar TechCrunch and leave out your techmunch, this brings to mind an apt saying; be yourself, everyone else is taken!


Using a hyphen is only as much fun as it looks on paper. Users don’t like to go through the stress of hitting the shift and hyphen button to visit your new blog. This may work for blogs with a steady flow of materials. But these blogs are often popular, and may have overcome challenges that are common to new blogs.


You will have to tailor your domain name to reflect what your blogging content is. If you are blogging about social media marketing, then you should stay away from hardware contents such as nuclear bombs. No one needs to get confused about what your ideas are, so when you are selecting a domain name, choose one that will show at a first glance tell what you blog about.


I need to lay emphasis on please, here. Never buy a domain, without first checking it up in a search engine; Google would be able to help you with that. When you type your domain, if some irrelevant search result appears then you can go ahead and claim it. However, if results appear which are exactly same as your keywords, don’t buy. It would take a total battle for your domain to appear top when someone searches your domain name. Don’t be surprised if it is buried beneath a couple of others.

Author Bio

Jason was a computer science student turned full-time blogger and SEO tools developer. He just believes in one thing to become successful and achieve goals in online entrepreneurship - work your butt off!

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