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Posted by: Kenya Online Survey & Polls on 08/07/2019

7 Sure Pointers that Raila Could be the Next President of Kenya

7 Sure Pointers that Raila Could be the Next President of Kenya

Remember the handshake that happened between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga at Uhuru Park on 30th January 2018? A lot of speculation regarding who will succeed Uhuru emerged after this handshake with Raila seen as the next best candidate to take the seat of power. However, there is stiff competition from candidates such as the current Deputy President of Kenya, Hon. William Ruto. Also, do not be surprised if Miguna Miguna comes back to Kenya and offers the presidential candidates some competitions.

Raila has a bigger advantage compared to other presidential candidates come 2022 considering he has been in government for a longer period. While succession politics might be a thing of the past as seen with Moi and Uhuru, the latter might just hand the seat to Raila come 2022. While this is still speculation, there is plenty of evidence to show Raila might become the next Kenyan president in a few years. Here are seven of those reasons.

  • Popularity

By now, a lot of Kenyans know that it takes more than popularity and finances to win a presidential race. However, of all the possible presidential candidates on the ballot paper come 2022, Raila is the most popular both in Kenya and around the globe. He has control over regions such as Coast, Nyanza, Nairobi, and Western who have baked him every time he vied for presidency.

  • The father of reforms and democracy

Raila Odinga is regarded as the father of democracy and constitutional reform. He spearheaded the constitution change a few years ago and is always on the forefront when it comes to fighting for human rights.  

  • Age is just a number

A lot of people are not confident Raila can make a good president considering he is aged 73 years at the moment. A lot of African presidents have ascended to power in their 70s and 80s and led their countries with the vigor of a young man. Why not Raila?

  • Corruption

No Kenyan politician has expressed his disgust for corruption more than Raila Odinga. This country needs someone who is hard on corruption like Raila considering we were recently ranked one of the most corrupt countries in Africa by Transparency International.

  • Judicial reforms

Kenya is one of the African countries where leaders defy the Judiciary due to corruption and power. However, Raila has been very vocal about some politicians thinking they are above the law as seen in his defense of Miguna Miguna during his forceful deportation.  Raila is a champion for judicial reforms and the perfect candidate to turn things around for the third arm of the government.

  • Nasa Backing

Raila’s party (NASA) has highly influential leaders such as Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka, and Moses Wetangula. All of them have a lot of influence in the regions they come from and if they choose to tell their people to back Raila, the latter might have a lot of votes comes 2022.

  • Unfulfilled promises

Every government makes promises to its citizens during campaigns in a bid to win more votes. However, not all governments deliver on their promises. A lot of Kenyans believe Raila is less corrupt compared to most money-hungry candidates who will drag the country further into debt once in power. As such, they view Raila as the next Commander in Chief

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