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Posted by: Health, Nutrition and Fitness on 07/07/2019

9 Reasons that You could be on your Death Bed

9 Reasons that You could be on your Death Bed

In 2018, over 1,735350 people in the United States were diagnosed with cancer with well over 600,000 considered fatal cases. Africa also has a high number of cancer patients especially in recent years. Whether lung, colon, prostate or breast cancer, this disease is fatal and can go unnoticed until it is too late. People with risk factors are more susceptible to cancer seeing they entertain products that can cause the disease such as cigarettes and heavy alcohol.

Here are 9 cancer symptoms that should not ignore.

  1. Blood-tinged saliva and persistent coughing - By the time you notice these two symptoms other conditions such as bronchitis have already developed in your body. It could also be sinusitis, but most likely, it is head, neck or lung cancer. If you notice these symptoms seek professional advice instantly.
  2. Breast changes - Not all changes in your breasts signify the presence of lung cancer. However if you notice changes such as nipples turned inward, nipple discharge, skin puckering or dimpling, or scaling and redness of breast skin or your nipples, you might have cancer.
  3. Unexplainable weight loss - Sudden weight loss is a symptom for a lot of diseases including HIV/AIDS, but it is also a very common cancer symptom. Losing over 10 pounds is a sign you might have stomach, lung, or esophageal cancer. About 80% of all people are diagnosed with esophageal cancer once they suddenly lose weight.
  4. Bowel Movement Changes - Changes in bowel movement are often related to your fluid intake and your overall diet. Things such as pencil-thin stools are common in patients suffering from colon cancer. Also if you experience continuous diarrhea and blood in your stool, chances are you have cancer.
  5. Trouble swallowing - There is nothing to worry about if you do not experience this symptom often. However, if it is regular or accompanied by weight loss and lots of vomiting, you should visit your doctor immediately. He’ll conduct an exam using endoscopy and to check if it is a throat, chest, abdomen, or neck cancer.
  6. Excessive heartburn - Stress or too much food and alcohol can cause serious heartburn as well as cancer. A change of diet can ease the symptoms, but this only speeds up the regeneration of cancer cells in your body. As such, be sure to visit your doctor if you notice unusual heartburn.
  7. Very low blood count - Anemia is hard to notice until a person collapses due to low blood count. However, a low blood count can also signify cancer. Cancer can also cause anemia though most cancers only cause Iron Deficiency Anemia. Tell your doctor to conduct an endoscopy if you experience this symptom.
  8. Changes in your mouth - This change mostly affects smokers and turns their mouth from yellow to gray until bright-red and white patches appear inside your mouth. If not properly monitored, these changes can lead canker sore, which is a symptom for oral cancer. Visit your doctor or dentist the moment you notice this symptom.
  9. Fatigue - A lot of people are tired by the end of the day due to the hectic lives they lead. While this is normal, excessive fatigue can be a cancer symptom as well as an indicator for other conditions. If the fatigue does not wear off after a day or two of rest, contact your doctor immediately before more damage is done on your body.


Other cancer symptoms that should raise a red flag for you include a lot of coughing, fever, lymph node changes, blood in your urine, bloating, testicle lumps, and hoarseness. If you notice any of these changes, visit your doctor immediately. Remember cancer early detection of cancer greatly increases the chances for successful treatment.

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