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Posted by: Kenya Today - Kenya News on 01/09/2016

An Open Letter To Raila Odinga

An Open Letter To Raila Odinga


Dear Mr. Odinga.

I hope this letter reaches you in good health.

Sir, I would would like to address you on a number of disturbing issues that you have raised, or which are manifestly evident in your political activities in the pursuit of your presidential dreams.

Whereas there's nothing wrong with a dream or ambition, it becomes a deadly nightmare and a national tragedy when attainment of a personal power ambition is tied to the destiny of the Republic.

An ominous threat was issued by one of your lieutenants, George Aladwa last year to the effect that "FOR RAILA TO BE PRESIDENT PEOPLE MUST DIE!". You did not only bail Aladwa out of police cells as a demonstration of solidarity with such genocidal statement, you have since given his threat a seal of approval in subsequent political rallies and interviews.

Sir, may I remind you that it is the late prof. George Saitoti who said that " There comes a time when the country is bigger than the individual." On the contrary, you have continued to torment the country with threats of violence, if you don't get your way it is the highway. That your becoming President is the sine qua non for peace to reign in Kenya.

Have you ever paused to analyse your sense of self importance, and a terribly bloated entitlement to power?

Why do you think you are more important than the Republic of Kenya?

As if to emphasize your genocidal intentions, you have continued to defend and justify the said incendiary statement in several local and international media stations.

It is important to remind you that the mantra of death in the 2007/08 post election massacre was "NO RAILA NO PEACE". Though the wrong people ended up in The Hague, it is well known that you are the major culprit, you incited ethnic strife under the guise of mass action, on the false claim that the election was rigged.

However, so much water has since passed under the bridge and the wrongly accused Kenyans have been vindicated through the due process of law.

They say that history repeats itself, or at times it rhymes. We are seeing you reenacting the 2007/08 violence under the false pretence of ejecting IEBC commissioners through street anarchy.

The only difference is that now, you have settled on pre election violence in your political programme of making the country ungovernable, sabotaging the economy, and discrediting constitutional institutions to get the excuse to reject election results, which you are factually sure of losing.

You have a quarrel with every institution or individuals that you think stand in your surreptitious path to power. From the supreme court, to IEBC, Police, the Army, Parliament, the Presidency, Hon Aden Duale, William Ruto, Kipchumba Murkomen, etc.

Now you have waged a deadly war against the constitution and the Rule of Law by insisting on the route of violence opposed to adherence to clear constitutional and legal provisions in the removal of IEBC commissioners from office.

I would want to draw your attention to the fact that there's no time soon when we are going to have a sterile hung parliament! There's always going to be majority and minority, the manner of democracy is that majority will always have their way but minority must have their say!

That's why some people say that.. Democracy is the worst form of governance except all the others.

The fact that your credentials in dalliance with bloodshed from 1982, 2007/08, and present are unrivalled doesn't mean that one day you won't be held accountable.

In hindsight, I think it was wrong for President Mwai Kibaki to have agreed to employ you as prime minister under The Peace Accord after you had caused so many deaths and suffering to innocent Kenyans.

It is now coming out that rewarding bad behaviour only makes it worse. Now you want more people dead so that you can get a seat at the confluence of power in the second Uhuru administration. It won't happen!

Sir, it nowadays seems that your favourite hangout is burials, especially in the funeral circuit of Luo Nyanza and western Kenya.

That is when you come out in your element, as the drum major of ethnic incitement, violence, vituperation, innuendo, and incendiary propaganda.

Sadly, on Madaraka day, you desecrated on a very important national holiday. You transferred your political bad manners from the graveside and promulgated them on a national stage at Uhuru Park.

It is at Uhuru park on 1st of June 2016, by surreptitiously staging parallel Madaraka day event, that you earned a PhD as a force of national division.

By gathering your ethnic followers at Uhuru park, your insidious game plan was to portray the country as divided down the middle. I can tell you that your score in that regard is nil.

On nihilism, you didn't disappoint, as usual you regurgitated the usual sterile threats to the government, gave ultimatums, made utopian proclamations, and finally incited your ethnic base and followers to violence the coming Monday.

Yesterday you staged what I believe is an act of senile and desperate act of political mischief. You named five of your most chauvinistic sycophants, James Orengo, Junet Mohamed, mishi Mboko...a shameless motor mouth, a strange character called Eseli Simiyu, and an orangutan in the name of Johnston Muthama as negotiators. Even if there was anything to negotiate about, this would constitute the most comical and pedestrian negotiation cartel in the history of conflict resolution. Look yourself in mirror sir.

Your blind sycophants call you, baba, saviour, and that kind of nebulous titles, but I think calling you father of democracy in Kenya is a form of intellectual shorthand and in unforgivable injustice to solid history.

As I Kenyan, I'm baffled by lack of policy coherence in your politics. I have never heard you addressing issues of development, in fact, in Luo Nyanza, you have put a mythical injunction to any development and government initiative until your Sisyphean, delusional ambition materializes..it will never!

For the last ten years you have been mumbling and chewing cud on how your votes are always stolen, character assassination, negative ethnicity, and how you are going to get power, but you never seem to know, but if you do, you never care to tell us what you will do with that power if you were to get it.

Why have you caricatured political differences into personal hatred, and relentlessly endeavoured to stoke ethnic tension therefrom?

Kindly concentrate on the question of cord 2017 line up and stop tormenting our motherland with your pernicious power schemes.

A Message by Concerned Kenyan

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