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Posted by: Viral News on 16/11/2017

Baba is boycotting, Uhuru is waiting, Kenyans are anxious. What next for Kenya

Baba is boycotting, Uhuru is waiting, Kenyans are anxious. What next for Kenya

It’s almost two weeks since the president of our republic won a repeat of the 2017 general elections after a petition by Raila Odinga saw the Supreme Court nullify the ones held on August 8th. People expected bloodshed during the repeat of the second elections and fled to their local homes to await the elections to end. Some were not even registered voters, but the fear of what could happen in the city chased most of them away.

While there was violence in some parts of the country, not many people died as a result. However, the names of those did were published for all to see after observers allegedly posted the wrong figures on social media. A few days after the elections, the opposition leader, Raila Amolo Odinga announced a national boycott of products such as Bidco and Brookside and services such as Equity and Safaricom.

The outspoken leader even visited a rival network’s shop (Airtel) to solidify his stance towards boycotting Safaricom, the number one telecommunications service provider in Kenya. A few leaders of the now National Resistance Movement followed suit and some Kenyans began the migration. However, there were those that support Baba but did not boycott stating serious losses in business as the reason. Who would blame them?

As much as we campaign and fight for these politicians, they never give us food to eat or pay our bills. Raila further embarked on a tour to the United States to give lectures to some universities as well as some high-profile dignitaries. As the country awaits his return, many people are eager to hear what he has to say as it will directly affect the direction and economy of the country.

On the other hand, the President, His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta is awaiting his swearing in, another function all Kenyans are tired of waiting for. His camp seems relaxed despite the petitions filed in the Supreme Court seeking to nullify the recently-concluded repeat elections. The only notable change is the moving of his presidential duties from State House to Harambee House in the City Centre.

The anxiety that was loud as trumpets a few days ago has since quelled and more people are simply awaiting the direction of both leaders as well as the Supreme Court. If there is to be another election, Kenyans will be frustrated (some of them to say the least), and while we might not see it now, this move will cost us in the future.

Still, considering it is stipulated in the constitution that democracy is a constitutional right for every Kenyan, we are never getting off this road until all the right institutions confirm the election results and give the way forward. Kenya is not the first country to hold a repeat presidential election.

However, most of the countries that have conducted two presidential elections in a year hardly recover from the financial and economic toll the exercise takes on their people. Still, all we can do is pray and be hopeful that Baba returns with good news, Uhuru acknowledges whatever verdict the Supreme Court passes, and Kenyans, regardless of tribe, unite and continue working in harmony to build this great nation.

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