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Posted by: Elias Fondo on 02/09/2020

Constitution at 10 are we out of the woods yet?

Constitution at 10 are we out of the woods yet?

The constitution is hitting 10 years now since its promulgation in 2010. Many issues still stand unresolved despite having the new laws in place. Talk of Historical injustices, political conflicts, endlessness, extra judicial killings, detention without trial, lack of freedom of expression, marginalisation , corruption, impunity and respecter in the rule of Law. 'Mnyonge bado hana Haki either'.

We are marking ten years of the new dispensation where citizens and civil society organisations are still going to the streets demanding for justice and state social accountability. Even this freedom of expression and demonstration is still infringed by the state despite having given powers by the Law .

However, as many members of  the public seem angered by the state alleged misappropriation of public resources including the Covid 19  medical funds, many of us still forget to hold  the Government accountable for other resources that we dont openly see .....i mean we seem to put more pressure to what we openly see and forget to probe other resources put under the carpet.

For instance, we always hear of a Parastatal called Kenya Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority.....this is one example...do we know how much so far this Authority has accumulated public monies and assets?  The hard questions to probe  therefore are 

  1. How many people claim the assets of their loved ones when they die?
  2. Tunaambiwa Pin Yako ni siri yako....even many of our spouses do not know our bank and Mpesa Pin numbers.....people die accidentally every day.. ..talk of the Garrisa University attack for example, the West gate mall and others...all those who perished must have had some Mpesa and bank accounts....such assets/ finances get held to this Authority awaiting their next of kins to make claims over the same...the question is , How many follow up the same? ....and does the government give periodic account of the accumulated resources?... How many citizens have dared to probe the same?

Just food for thought. Otherwise lets continue demanding for our Rights as we continue celebrating this week of 10 years of constitutional dispensation.

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