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Posted by: Samuel Ndwiga on 31/12/2015

Cut Your Spending 10 Easy Ways

Cut Your Spending 10 Easy Ways

Are like many Kenyans who ran out of money before at the start or before the end of the month? Do ever you wonder what happens to your money each month? Do you struggle to find cash to invest for retirement, rent, school fees, emergencies and other financial goals? Here are 10 tips to cut your spending and stretch your cash to the maximum.

  1. Consider dropping excessive mobile subscriptions. Consinder also taking advantage of post paid.  This can save you more than Ksh 5000 to Ksh 10,000 a month if you are a regular user.

  2. Cut back on unnecessary trips, outings or other premium coffee shops. Often called the “latte factor”, spending several shilings per day on luxuries like premium coffee can really add up. For example, if you spend shs 500 for a cappuccino five times a week for 50 weeks out of the year (you’re on vacation the other two weeks), you would spend shs 125,000 in a year. Try treating your outings to your local joints as a treat instead of a habit. You’ll save money and probably be in good health too

  3. Pay your mortgage payment bi-weekly instead of monthly. You’ll pay less interest and pay off your mortgage faster.

  4. Carry cash instead of debit or credit cards. Psychologically it’s harder to spend cash than it is to use the credit card. You’ll spend less and save on interest charges.

  5. Use the “envelope system” for groceries, dining out, entertainment, and other discretionary spending categories. This will help you track how much you spend in these categories as well as prioritizing your spending.

  6. Raise the deductible on your homeowners and auto insurance policies. It’s not wise to file claims for small losses anyway (insurance companies love to raise rates after you file a claim), so a higher deductible will save you money now and in the future.

  7. Buy regular gas instead of premium. Most cars don’t need premium gasoline.

  8. Take public transportation if it’s available in your area.This saves alot from parking fees, fuel and car tire & ware

  9. Plan your purchases to avoid impulse buying. Take a list with you to the grocery store or your supermarket and stick with it. Studies show that impulse buying can add shs 1000 - shs 5000 to your shopping bils – ouch!

  10. Go to the library instead of the bookstore. If you’re an avid reader, give yourself a book budget for books that you will want to keep, and go to the library for everything else.

  11. Take a vacation at home. Check out all the local sites and happenings. You’ll rediscover your hometown and save on travel and hotel costs.

These are just a handful of ways you can cut spending and stretch your shillings, but if you follow these tips you’ll discover you have more money at the end of each month to apply to other financial goals, such as saving for college, retirement or just for a rainy day.

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