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Posted by: Chome Wa Be'Ngundo on 12/08/2017

Details on how Uhuruto and Jubilee Politics tamed Raila and others to come.

Details on how  Uhuruto and Jubilee Politics tamed Raila and others to come.

On 8.8.17 Kenya represented by 15,073,662 out of 19,611,423 registered voters went to the polls 8,203,290 out of 15,073,662 voted for Uhuruto which represented 54.27% of 15,073,662 registered voters. The other percentage was shared by the rest, the Railas and the Didas.

Raila and his NASA coalition who was ahead of the pack of losers had targeted 10m+ Votes from the 19,611,423 registered voters (not the 15,073,662 who turned out to vote). IEBC data indicate that 4,537,761 registered voters didn’t turn out. From the 15,073,662 citizens who enjoyed their democratic right to vote 8,203,290 voted for Uhuruto and 6,762224 voted for the Rt. Hon Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga.

Now let’s get back to the 4,537,761 who didn’t turn out. Who were these people? What was their impact on this election? and what is the connection between these people and the 10m+? or the Jubilee winning 8m+?

The Rift Valley had over 4.6m registered voters; central had over 3m registered voters backed by over 1.5m others registered outside the central zone (know what I mean?)  and North-Eastern region which was delivered by Uhuruto prodigy- the Majority leader Adan Duale had over 0.6m voters. This made it realistically possible for Uhuruto to target 8m+ votes should all their supporters come out on 8.8.17.

IEBC official data show Uhuruto had a higher voter turnout in their zones than the Railas and Didas. What does this mean? this means the 8m+ which they never talked about in rallies but had it at the back of their minds was a soft target but the worry was what if the Raila camp managed the 10m+ (which was possible IF ALL their supporters came out)?

Uhuruto politics knew so well that a 100% turnout was impossible in their camp but also knew very well that a 100% turnout in the 10m+ battalion was a mirage. The two had to orchestrate a plan to discourage the 10m+ from coming out to vote and a plan to secure their 8m+. They started the “bila kura yenu nitashinda” propaganda. This was meant to convince the 10m+ that the vote will be rigged in favor of the Incumbent so they just didn’t have to bother themselves and it worked. The over 4m who didn’t vote mostly came from the 10m+ camp. They didn’t feel their vote would make a difference with some even choosing to place a sure bet on Uhuruto to make their votes count- at least on this election.  That’s how it brought the number down to 6m+ for the Son of Jaramogi and secured the 8m+ for the Son of Jomo. That for you is Uhuruto politics 101 ladies and gentlemen, all enshrined in rule of the majority at the ballot.

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