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Posted by: Viral News on 03/10/2018

Do you Value Your Dad?

Do you Value Your Dad?

You asked for Ksh 500 and your dad told you he will give you in the morning before he leaves for work. This was after he has thoroughly scrutinized what you needed the money for, all the questions he asked were already making you angry.

Throughout the night your dad couldn't sleep because he was thinking of how to give you his last Ksh 500

When it was morning, he called you into his room and gave you Ksh 450 instead of Ksh 500.

You were not happy and squeezed your face in discontent and reluctantly said thank you after complaining that it was not complete,

Your mum after seeing this will not say anything but will meet you in your room where your dad isn't and give you Ksh 50  from her own money and say "don't mind him, use this one to complete it".

You began to smile like fido dido, And you'll quickly run to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp to write...

"I have the best mum in the world, i love my mum".

Now your dad had gone out with just Ksh 50 in his pocket with no fuel in his car, Because of you, he used public transport that day to work.

At work he worked over time, After closing late, everyone keeps saying "daddy is never always around except mum".

Your good dad will never allow you see how much he suffers for the family because he is a MAN.

Always try to appreciate your dad because you can never tell what he is going through for your sake, that he is not always around like your mum does not mean he does not care about you deeply.

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