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Posted by: Road Safety KE on 05/10/2016

Erick Kiptoo Kirui Story - Gone too Soon

Erick Kiptoo Kirui Story - Gone too Soon

A beautiful letter to a fallen hero. On 11th March 2017, Saturday morning, it might sound as normal as any other morning but not to one of my close friend, neighbor and the most brilliant young man who lost his life on a fatal road accident along Nakuru-Eldoret highway at a place called salgaa.

Erick Kiptoo Kirui, born 29th September 1995, a student from The University of Eldoret (UoE) pursuing his first degree on BSc. Agricultural-economics died shortly after being run over by a Siaya County government vehicle. With him in the misfortune was his great close friend Willy Bett, born 4th May 1996, a student at the Cooperative University, taking Business Information Technology(BIT) who suffered the painful fatal accident that left his one arm and one leg broken and a fatal injury on his head and with whom he is currently admitted to War Memorial Hospital, Nakuru and has been in the ICU for the last 5 days.

Erick being the last born in a family of 7 was the only hope the family had for him to come and change the nature and the mode of living at his home since he was the only one who had furthered his studies to the university level. He was a young man full of potential, capability and full of hardwork that not only did the family look upto him but also the whole village. He was a young man with whom everyone was proud of and his parents had invested a lot in him but his future was shuttered down before he could let out what was in him. He died a painful death before unleashing the potential he had in himself.

Erick will be laid to rest on 18th March 2017, Saturday at his home in Nakuru county, Rongai constituency, Chepseon village. On the other hand, Willy is going on with his recovery under high and expensive medications that the family isn't able to cater for. As at the moment, the hospital bill is in its Ksh600,000 with which the family is not in the ability to raise at the moment. I am humbly requesting all of us to please support the unfortunate families in any way possible during this hard and trying moments.

Thus says the Lord,``I will go for those who are obidient, those who are honest and those who value and help those in need.'' Any contributions to support Erick's funeral which is scheduled to be on Saturday, 18th March 2017, will be highly appreciated. 

Find in your heart if touched with this to send any amount through the number:- 0795583353, Account name:- Erick Kirui. Those willing to contribute for Willy's hospital bill can send any of there contribution to this number:- 0723352500

Account name:- Leornard Kipkoech.

# RIPBrotherEricko

# GetWellSoonBrotherWilly

# MayTheLordBlessUsAll                        

[19:48, 3/15/2017] +254 791 532691: You can also contribute money for Willy's hospital bill by:-

1) Go to mpesa

2) Lipa na mpesa

3) Paybill-Enter business number- 712888

4) Account no: RIPErick

Remember Drive Safe and Save Life

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