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Posted by: on 23/05/2018

Essential Steps for Successful Medical Device Marketing

Essential Steps for Successful Medical Device Marketing

It is a massive undertaking to turn an innovative and unique medical device into a commercially successful product. Creating devices such as glucose monitors and pacemakers requires an extended process involving design and development. Then, the device has to undergo rigorous testing and has to have the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration before going to the market. Once the product has been deemed usable for healthcare professionals, sales and marketing teams begin marketing the device via email and other initiatives. However, in order to capture the interest of physicians and other professionals, these efforts have to be strategically directed. Listed below are the essential steps that can help in successful medical device marketing:

  • Collaborating across functions

These medical devices are complex products that have a crucial purpose in medical treatment. Therefore, a diverse set of expertise has to be marshalled for every stage of bringing the device into the market. This is where collaboration can play a vital role. Information is shared between departments and stakeholders remain centered on fulfilling the needs of the customer.

  • Insights into treatments and physicians

Marketers need access to data in order to understand the preferences and needs of doctors. A robust database provides information that can aid sales teams and this includes the contact information of the doctors, their specialties, locations and institutional affiliations. When a marketer understands the demographics served by a physician and the treatments administered regularly, they can make wiser choices in developing and dispatching materials. Segmentation is also necessary as it can come in handy for measuring a campaign’s success by identifying leads so they can be nurtured.

  • Create powerful communications

Everything you need to know about medical device marketing is containedin this simple fact; communication. If there is no communication, a product cannot move forward. Bear in mind that healthcare professionals have busy schedules and they have numerous responsibilities on their plate. You need to communicate with them by directing their attention to a new medical product via thoughtful messaging. Keep the communication brief, but clarify the potential impact of the device in regard to healthcare.

  • Provide plenty of information

Doctors cannot make treatment decisions lightly because their reputation and career depends on it. They will not just take a marketer’s word for the success of the device; rather, you need to show them appropriate research by giving them access to all the clinical findings such as case studies, retrospective data, technical details and meta-analyses. Every marketing message you send out should always include a call to action that invites healthcare professionals to learn more. You should remember that the doctors will ask plenty of questions and need information that needs to be provided.

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