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Posted by: Health, Nutrition and Fitness on 12/10/2017

Exercise to Induce Labor

Exercise to Induce Labor

What gives a mother more joy than holding a newborn baby in their hands? It is a feeling that can numb the worst pain and bring tears to her eyes. However, childbirth is a long and painful process that requires proper preparation. You cannot show up for a marathon race without having worked out for a few weeks. Similarly, pregnant women need exercises to help with natural childbirth.

Prenatal exercises not only help position your baby but also open your pelvis in a manner conducive to optimal labor. Getting your body in shape is vital too in improving your blood flow, which in turn eases delivery. However, be sure to consult your doctor for limitations before starting any pregnancy routine.

Here are some exercises for an optimal labor.

1.    Walking

Walking may seem like a simple exercise, but for pregnant women, it’s not as easy. Nonetheless, it can be the difference between a smooth delivery and hours at the maternity ward as the doctor tries to place the baby in position. Aim to walk for at least 30 minutes every day.

It is preferable to do it outside due to fresh air and sunlight. Avoid the treadmill or an enclosed gym as much as you can; natural surroundings are vital in balancing your hormones while you take that walk. This exercise is an excellent way to keep your body in shape and also helps in positioning your baby in place making delivery a little easier.

2.    Proper Sitting Postures

Typically, when pregnant, a woman will find some satisfaction in reclining in a smooth couch, bed or glider because it feels comfortable. On the contrary, it does more harm than good. The best way to sit when pregnant is upright with your pelvis slightly tilting forward. For this exercise, an exercise ball would come in handy. However, make sure that the exercise ball is firm and high enough to the extent that your knees are always higher than your hips.

If anything, you should change your favorite chair at home to an exercise ball and use it as often as possible. If it can be allowed at your office, have one too and sit on it as opposed to the office chair. This exercise is the perfect way to strengthen your core, and it also helps in stabilizing your pelvis. Also, you can try carrying around 20 pounds of extra weight for better results.

Another posture that works wonders is sitting cross-legged. This position is vital especially around the third semester as it pushes your uterus forward while stretching your legs and opening your pelvis more. What’s better? No one will even know you are exercising.

3.    Butterflies

Butterflies is another simple exercise to help keep your lower back limber that you can do from the moment you discover you are pregnant until you deliver. For this exercise, just sit and straighten your back. After that, put the soles of your feet together and pull them a little closer then pulse your legs up and down.

Keep pulsing until you feel the stretch then relax. You can do this exercise as many times as you want but be sure to do it at least once every day, especially before labor. Try asking your partner to help add resistance so you can have a deeper stretch. Butterflies is a great exercise to open up your pelvis as well.

4.    Leaning

Most pregnant women do not like this exercise as it makes them feel like throwing up especially when morning sickness is in overdrive. However, it is the perfect way to prepare your lower body for natural labor. Lean on tables, seats, and even people if you can. If you have an exercise ball, drape your arms and upper body around it and move your pelvis in midair while you roll around.

Did you know that women around the 18th and early 19th century had to scrub the floor on their knees and hands? Of course, they did not do it all the time when pregnant, but it was considered the best way to flip a posterior baby. Gravity helps get the baby to get in optimal position by pulling its back forward.


There are other exercises that you can try out such as pelvic tilts, forward-leaning inversion, and squatting. However, seeing that these exercises are more complex, consult your doctor before trying any of them. It is not only the baby’s health that is at stake if you do not exercise properly during your pregnancy period but yours as well. Try the exercises mentioned above every day to keep your body in shape during pregnancy and for an optimal labor.

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