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Posted by: Review Website on 19/07/2018

Finding the best SEO services – The Loopholes Businesses need to know!

Finding the best SEO services – The Loopholes Businesses need to know!

Search engine optimization (SEO) forms the foundation for all online businesses, it influences the online visibility and reputation of businesses, detrimental to their success or failure. Simply, if you aren’t listed in the top rankings of Google search engine results, your business is doomed.

Now, the search engine optimization services are meant to move the business wheel forward in search engines (Here, we will be specifically talking about Google, as it’s the largest and most used search engine out of the lot). So, the SEO services are meant to help businesses augment their online presence, market visibility, and business recognition. Interestingly, SEO isn’t a standalone technique, rather it’s a complete suite of different services, aimed to progress website’s position on Google’s SERPs.

Now, with such a massive stake in success and failures of businesses, we do really want to know the secret of finding the best SEO services right?

Of course, we all do want to know how to rank SEO services, However, here we aren’t really interested in giving you tips and tricks to find the best SEO services, rather, we are more interested to share a common blunder which many businesses fall for when searching the right SEO services.


How to find the best SEO services?

Ask a hundred guys and ninety-five of them will recommend you to Google the best services.

Well, that’s certainly an intelligent answer to make. But there’s a problem in here.

Before we look at a little functionality loophole, let us clear that we are not blaming Google for that. Google has remained one of the top search engines in the world with reliable and consistent search query results and powerful algorithms to deliver the best results. SO, guys don’t bash us as if we have something against Google, nah! That’s not the case. Rather, we will be highlighting a false interpretation of Google search results for “Best SEO services” search queries.


The Flawed Interpretation of Search Query Results

Let’s assume, you are looking for “Best SEO services in Auckland and Hamilton”. Most probably this or something close to this is going to serve as the keyword in this situation. Now, this keyword (phrase) lies in the domain of local SEO that works on a different level than an international model.

Coming back to our search query for the best SEO services in Auckland and Hamilton, we will once again be bombarded with hundreds of thousands of search engine results, each claiming to be the best out of the lot.

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