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Posted by: Interactive Questions & Answers on 19/09/2017

Get Rid of Back Pains - Natural Home Remedies

Get Rid of Back Pains - Natural Home Remedies

There is nothing more debilitating than back pains caused by hours of sitting at your office desk, poor sleep postures, injuries, regular and heavy lifting and so on. Sometimes you get some relief with massage, but most of the times people reach for some pills and drugs they hope will work. Before self-medicating, you should try a few home remedies to ease your pain. Of course, if the problem persists, you should definitely go see your doctor.

However, here are some ways to help you manage back pain at home.

1. Rubs and Essential Oils

There are plenty of pain ointments on chemist shelves and some work better than others depending on your type of back pain. While rubs such as Kaluma Pain Balm, Tiger Balm or Deepheat have gained some popularity, you can try making your own ointment out of natural essential oils. Some of the best anti-inflammatory ones are ginger, peppermint and eucalyptus oils, but you can also include rosemary and turmeric. Massage your aching back areas with such oils at least three times a week.

2. Yoga

Yoga is probably the fastest way to achieve what really matters when it comes to back pain: correct healthy body posture and muscle work that is both relaxing and strengthening. Yoga is recommended for sciatic nerve pain relief because stretching and contracting the spine and muscles alleviate the pain and prevent it from occurring again. Yoga is recommended for a wide variety of health conditions and, if practiced regularly, it helps with weight control, sleep disturbances, anxiety relief, and overall body and mind fitness. The best part of Yoga is that you only need a mat, a tutorial and a portion of your living room floor to get your routines. You can start with poses that trigger back pain relief and progressively advance to others that strengthen your entire body.

4. Meditation

It may seem like a very long way to take to alleviate back pain, but meditation is one of the best ways to achieve relaxation and boost your endorphin levels. Endorphins are hormones made naturally into our bodies and, besides giving us a feel of complete happiness, they are as strong pain relievers as any drug you will find on the shelf. Boosting your endorphins through meditation is not hard if you learn how to meditate correctly.

The connection between back pain, endorphins and meditation is easier to understand if we learn that most common chronic back pains are associated with stress, anxiety, and depression. If you learn how to meditate correctly, you can lower the negative impact of these conditions onto your body, thus alleviating pain. Meditation is used as a home remedy for other issues and is considered an important lifestyle change with long-term benefits for your mind and body.

6. A Few Dietary Changes

The chronic inflammation causing back pain is usually maintained by your diet. Sugar, saturated fats and trans-fats they all increase inflammation in our bodies. Decreasing your intake of sugary foods and drinks and the consumption of unhealthy fats leads to the reduction of the inflammation with general positive effects on your overall health.

Also try to add to your diet fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and magnesium (herring, salmon, halibut, krill and mackerel) to reduce inflammation as well. Such fish have plenty of health benefits as well on your overall state of well-being.

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