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Posted by: The Visual House on 26/09/2018

How can I meet aspiring/amateur filmmakers in Delhi to collaborate/socialize with?

At present, it has become quite easy to get in touch with aspiring/amateur filmmakers in Delhi or in Mumbai. Social media has made it easy for everybody; now one can easily collaborate or socialize with amateur filmmakers by the help of Facebook, Linked-In, and Instagram. Meanwhile, I would also like to tell you some of the easy ways for you to get in touch with aspiring Film-makers in Delhi:

A) If you are looking forward to collaborating with amateur filmmakers, you need to interact with Indian members on a platform such as IMDB Groups, Facebook amateur filmmaker groups, Amazon Studios etc.

B) Join groups and clubs as per your desired field, if you are photographer or screenwriter in Delhi, must join photography or a screenwriting club, the chances of meeting aspiring feature filmmakers in Delhi.

c) If you want to become an amateur filmmaker, first of all, start your work. Gradually, you will come to know about your imagination and creativity. The best part is, it does not require much, a basic camera and your wits imagination. With the help of this, you will come to know, to whom with and when you get in touch the right group of professionals.

You can also get in touch with https://www.thevisualhouse.in with your first short film.

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