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Posted by: Farmacy Bliss on 09/03/2018

How CBD Oil Helps to Get Relief from Pain

How CBD Oil Helps to Get Relief from Pain

CBD has been getting a lot of publicity lately. It is being discussed everywhere for the various benefits it has to offer. But what is it?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in cannabis, just like THC. The beauty of this compound is that it can provide people with the benefits of medical cannabis without causing a high. Therefore, it has gained a lot of popularity these days and can be used for dealing with a variety of illnesses that range from epilepsy to insomnia to cancer. One of the most notable benefits associated with CBD is its ability to provide relief from pain.

CBD can help you deal with chronic pain, pain that occurs due to arthritis, multiple sclerosis and numerous other issues. How does this work? There are special receptors found in our nervous system and brain, which regulate different functions of the body. They are part of the endocannabinoid system and can control appetite, motor function, a sensation of pain and a number of other functions. CBD is able to help with pain management because it is able to interact with these receptors and reduce the level of pain experienced.

Here are some of the different ways using CBD oil can provide you relief from pain:


Muscle inflammation can cause pain and can also lead to tissue damage over time. In typical situations, prescription pain relievers are used by people for alleviating these aches. While they are effective, the problem is that they comprise of chemical compounds that can have lasting adverse effects on the kidney, liver and stomach. With CBD, this is not something you need to worry about because it is a natural product with anti-inflammatory properties and can provide long-term relief from pain without any known side-effects.

Muscle Relaxant

One of the best ways of relieving chronic pain is exercising, but it is often avoided because it hurts to move. Using CBD oil can provide relief from aches, which can make you more comfortable making it easier to move around because CBD will cause the muscles to relax automatically.

Anxiety Relief

Chronic pain can wreak havoc on different aspects of the body, but its effects are not just physical. It can also have an impact on your emotional well-being. It can be difficult to focus or do anything else due to the lack of sleep and constant pain you have to deal with. One of the greatest benefits of using CBD is that it can help alleviate anxiety due to its anxiolytic properties.


Chronic pain sufferers are often stressing out about how and when their daily life will be affected by symptoms of their condition. Just like with anxiety, the use of CBD oil can also help here as it is able to calm the fight and flight response that is experienced by sufferers of PTSD, particularly when it is induced by chronic pain.

Reduced Fear of Touch

One of the biggest issues faced by chronic pain sufferers is that they cannot stand to be touched. Even a hug, which is a sign of love and affection can be immensely painful. Most people don’t like saying it because others won’t believe them. In these situations, using CBD oil for mitigating pain can be immensely helpful as it can calm the anxiety and pain and enable you to get over your fear of touch.

These are some of the best ways CBD oil can come in handy for relieving and alleviating pain thereby improving your quality of life.

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