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Posted by: Viral News on 18/11/2017

How to Invest and Make Money Fast

How to Invest and Make Money Fast

Invest, this word has been constant in my life ever since it was first introduced to me. Invest in your studies, invest your time in what matters, invest in real estate, and invest in a good woman. The latter may be a little bit off topic but I’m sure the point is home. The thing about investments is, if they are properly made, they tend to have amazing rewards.

Investments are vital in every aspect of your life, monetary investments require a lot of research before someone goes through with them. People gather information regarding investment from all places from radio and television shows, books, blogs or newspaper articles and lately and perhaps more efficient, the internet. Money invested creates more money.

Benefits of Investment Information

Let’s face it, the reason you choose to invest your money rather than put it in a savings account is because you are aware of the benefits that come with it. However, in order for you to get the full extent of these returns you need to have all the right information. Broadcast media offers investment information through radios such as Bloomberg radio, Investing Sense, SNL and even on most local TV stations.

Most people choose to invest in stock, with that in mind, one would rather choose a medium that will communicate the daily habits in the stock exchange. Some library sources such as The Intelligent Investor; revised fourth edition by Benjamin Graham with the preface and appendices by Warren E. Buffet or The Dao of Capital by Mark Spitznagel offer extensive investment information. However, the stock market fluctuates on a daily basis. With that in mind, library resources can prove a disadvantage to someone willing to invest now.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that some of these library sources are written by some of the most successful investors who even appear on broadcast shows to talk about investing. So with that in mind, it is wise to strike a delicate balance between these two sources because of no matter the distance apart, none is really more important than the other. It’s like what my grandmother use to say, to see the furthest you have to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Strengths and weaknesses

Investment information for stocks includes things like how to open a brokerage account, fundamental and technical analysis just to mention a few. That information can be easily found in a book in the library faster than you can hear it on radio in an investment show. One strength that library sources have over broadcast is the fact that they have basic investment information.

However, the more you get to invest the more you understand the basics and very soon you won’t need the books (unless they release updated versions) as your major concern will be keeping up to date with the constantly changing ways and rates in investment. The daily information is readily available in broadcast and it takes some time to get it on a library source.

A talk show such as Bucket Strategy Investing on TuneIn Radio helps the listener gain a better understanding of not only managing but also investing their money. However, not all radio shows or podcasts regarding investment information are good to listen to. It is just like newspapers and blogs, they give news but you would know the one that is about sales and one that is about proper information.

Misinformation by broadcast has cost some investors a lot as some of the people speaking in these podcasts or shows have little to no idea about proper investing. You see, a radio presenter’s job is to charm the audience and keep them locked in, so unless a professional is handling such delicate information, do not listen to most radio shows as some may be misleading.

However, library sources are thoroughly verified before being printed and even though some of the investment information found therein may be outdated, it is rarely misleading or incorrect.



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