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Posted by: Samuel Ndwiga on 10/11/2016

How to Make Money on Youtube

How to Make Money on Youtube

The digital media has grown so massively that it’s presently the largest market in the world today. So, it’s no surprise that there are numerous and almost uncountable number channels through which you can earn a lot of money on the internet. And one of the most popular media here is YouTube.

There are many ways you can earn massively on YouTube. Today, YouTube being the second largest search engine boasts of a billion globally. What that means is this: you can create a product and/or service that will appeal to several millions of people converging on the channel on a daily basis. And, if properly managed, that could translate into a sizeable amount of bucks in your bank accounts.

Recently, The New York Times published an article about a YouTube content creator, Olga Kay who earns around $120,000 dollars on YouTube Channel. Mimi Ikonn, another video creator earns around $35,000 on a monthly basis. These aren’t one-offs, there are a good number of people earning about the same (and more) amount.

But the truth is, those fits aren’t child plays. They are going to happen through quality research, marketing strategies and great video contents. You will have to master and apply the rules.

So, how do you get started?

  1. Consider a niche where you have rich and quality contents. YouTube has approximately 300 hours of videos being uploaded every second. So, if you are considering making money through this channel, you may need to consider the best contents that will help you beat competitors for users’ attentions.
  2. Create YouTube account. You need to create your account after identifying what you need to do or, transform an existing one. Your account name should be precise and easy to search with relevant keywords and descriptions that will optimise your account. With this, you are good to go.
  3. Upload your contents. This is the real deal! Quality and relevant videos are strong marketing tools with strong magnetic spells. This will ensure you have a community of fascinated audience who returns to your page continuously. Make sure you tag your video with the appropriate keywords and give good descriptions. If you’ve ever heard the cliché, “customers are kings,” it doesn’t get more applicable than it gets here. Give them your attention, and study their responses to see where their priorities lie.
  4. Build your YouTube audience. This is the most important and most difficult part. There is so much power in having an audience of committed followers. Besides the fact that their clicks and time earns you the real dough, each of them is a potential advertiser and promoter of your contents. Their comments, shares and recommendations, when summed up, can get you farther than you could ever do yourself.
  5. Monetise your Account. This gives YouTube the permission to monetize your videos and start placing adverts on them. The video must not be copyrighted and should be yours or, you must have the owner’s consent to use it.
  6. To do this, just click on the monetization tab and check with monetize with ads box. The more adverts watched on your content, the better for you. Take personal sponsorship and adverts. You can even earn more than the fractions of adverts given to you by YouTube by simply taking sponsorship and adverts directly from clients. But it is advisable to use skippable adverts so your audience has the option to watch the ads.
  7. Become a YouTube Partner. If you have monetized your videos and have a large users’ base, it’s time to join the YouTube partnership programme and get access to training, supports and special tools to use on your contents. To be in this elite YouTube group, you need about 15000 cumulative hours on your contents about 90 days.
  8. Use your YouTube videos to drive convertible audiences to your sites and products. If your videos are so effective and attracting massive attentions, what better way do you have to benefits than using them to boost your own personal businesses, sell products and services and earn a good income for yourself?

So, it’s time to earn extra ducks on YouTube, no dulling friend, get on it.

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