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Posted by: Jobs in Kenya on 08/10/2018

How to Make Online in Kenya Without Investment

How to Make Online in Kenya Without Investment

For the young Kenyans living in the rural areas with large portions of land at their disposal, your cash cow is closer than you think. Farming has emerged as one of the best ways to make money in Kenya. Agriculture based television programs, as well as investments and loan experts interested in farming, can help you make your first million. Food prices are on the rise almost on a daily basis due to the continued shortage of supply.

As demand increases, so does the value and price of certain farm produce. For the millions of Kenyans living in urban areas, farming is a farfetched idea. Even with the degrees and diplomas, we receive from the educational facilities we visit , getting jobs in Kenya is not easy. As such, thousands of youth have started their own businesses or joined online marketing platforms as affiliate marketers.

Even older people look for online jobs and other ‘side hustles’ to make ends meet as responsibilities demand more funds. If half of the youth had the capital to implement the ideas they have, Kenya would be buzzing with investors and opportunity. However, even the brightest minds have to start somewhere. So whether you need funds to actualize your dream or get you to school, here are some easy ways to make money in Kenya with no money down.  

1 Jumia JForce

JForce is a sales consultant program by Jumia with the aim of enriching and empowering future entrepreneurs with knowledge and the support of a recognized brand. You can join the program for free and earn money once you start purchasing products from the online store for yourself or people around you. Its estimated that you could be making upto six figures in your second month after joining their program. This is through commision which is payable per items p[urchased or the product on sale.

J - Force also allows you to be your own boss while providing a chance to create a team. The company also offers insight on sales to those that show dedication and move up the ladder. You can also gain new skills and enrich your self-confidence. Join Jumia JForce for free here https://www.jumia.co.ke/jforce/. You can either Join their JForce program or become an affiliate whereby you advertise their products using banners or links provided online and earn a percentage per each sale.

2. Academic Writing

Academic writing is an online form of making money that requires no investment. The best way to start making money through academic writing is to look for someone with an account. A verified account means more compensation especially if your writing and grammar levels are admirable. Alternatively, you can open an academic writing account for free by visiting websites such as essaywriters.com or freelancer.com to mention a few.

3. Blogging and YouTube videos

The content you provide for online customers does not have to be academic. A lot of online sites are paying top dollar for quality articles filled with trending keywords. Trending information, as well as how to articles, are some of the innovative ways you can make money online for free. All you need is your laptop or tab and some internet connection.

If you are better with actions as opposed to words, how about YouTube DIY videos? Showing people a new trick or a way to do something interesting mighty get you some money. However, to make money online, you have to own a YouTube account. The good news is opening a YouTube account is free, so is recording a video as long as your phone has a good camera.

Uploading it just needs a good internet connection; be sure to monetize your channel by connecting it with an AdSense account to get money for every click.

4. Graphic and Web Design

Have you seen posters on the walls in town or electricity posts advertising an event or artist in town? Well, the designers for these posters get paid through M-Pesa or an instant deposit once the job is done. Not to mention, clients are everywhere, from your local hotel to politicians and media outlets. The only limit to this job is your creative potential.

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