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Posted by: Road Safety KE on 05/10/2016

Instant fines for minor traffic offences starts after ammendments

Instant fines for minor traffic offences starts after ammendments

Motorists in Kenya who commit minor traffic offenses such as speed driving, talking on the phone while driving, driving on pavements, driving without a valid Drivers licence will from Wednesday 5th October 2016 pay instant fines of between Sh500 and Sh10,000 after the Transport Minister published amendments to traffic act in the Kenya Gazette.

The motorists will also no longer be arrested, have their vehicles towed to police stations or pay fines in cash in fresh efforts to reduce corruption and restore sanity on Kenyan roads.

The list of minor violations and their corresponding fines published by Transport minister James Macharia includes speeding, motorcycle riding without protective gear, failure to fasten seat belts, pedestrians blocking the free passage of cars, driving on foot paths and traveling with part of body outside a moving vehicle.

Offenders will no longer be required to go to court but will instead pay instant fines using mobile money and get a standard receipt for it. Below are some of violations and fines

NTSA director-general Francis Meja said the instant fines scheme will start in Nairobi following the publication of the charges and will be introduced in the rest of the counties next month.

Motorists will pay Sh500 for exceeding the speed limit set for their vehicles by between six and 10 kilometres per hour (kph).

“We had a deal with the government in May to give us 300 officers to assist in our enforcement work once we have unveiled (the rules)' He said this while releasing first batch of 100 police officers attached to NTSA

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