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Posted by: Interactive Questions & Answers on 13/10/2017

Is Online Marketing the Future

Is Online Marketing the Future

The world has been turned into a global village thanks to the ever advancing technology. As a businessman, it is now easier to communicate with your clients wherever you are and inform them of new products the instance they are out. However, for effective results, you need a proper marketing strategy.

Marketing mix is perhaps the most effective strategies you can use to ensure your objectives meet your target market. Social media, mobile phones, and the internet just to mention a few, are some examples of marketing technology that guarantee growth if properly utilized.

Marketing is not only endorsing and/or retailing products or services but advertising and market research as well. With marketing technology, marketing has been made easier in recent years compared to a decade or further ago. There is always a danger of the business or product failing to live up to its full potential without proper branding. Image is everything when it comes to marketing technology so ensure you get it right before even thinking of a marketing plan.

How to Use Technology

Ever heard the saying, it’s not what you have but how you use it that matters? This saying embodies just how marketing technology can help you achieve your required objectives. A mobile phone can be used for guerrilla marketing to unbelievable results. Once you figure out why you want to market your product or service, the rest is quite easy.

Direct marketing is sure to guarantee independence, saved costs, and a renewed drive to make a dollar or two. Additionally, that connection and a direct link to your clients enabled by marketing technology build confidence and a lasting relationship if they are fond of your product or service.

With the technology sector being innovative with every passing day, future technology is sure to make marketing a walk in the park. However, since technology is not limited to a select few, competition will be stiff thereby prompting the need to have a marketing manager. A marketing manager not only adds value to marketing research but also constantly comes up with new techniques to ensure the target audience is reached. The plus side to this is that while he/she is at it, they help maintain organizational discipline and ensure the vision remains intact.

Digital Analytics Tools

Another important factor that aids marketing technology is the availability of feedback via digital analytics. Applications such as Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, and Google Analytics help you see the areas you need to improve and realize your strongholds as well.

Even better, finding your clients no longer requires extensive phone calls or old maps thanks to Google tracking. A good example is Uber; the cab service uses it to pick up and drop off passengers.

A methodical computational examination of statistics or data is perhaps the best analytics definition. Website statistics bring meaning to analytics as they provide a vivid understanding of your web traffic. These statistics also help in market research, gauging, and improving your website's effectiveness.

Here are a few pointers on how to use digital analytics to increase awareness or customers

•    Experiment frequently so as to grow

•    Make your decisions without regrets

•    Utilize social media, everybody is on it

•    Create an identifiable brand

•    Optimize your website, first impressions count


Future technology will undoubtedly be a major asset with regard to marketing. The more technological advancements there will be, the more the avenues will open up for marketing technology. With time, you will realize that after understanding some of the basic concepts you will not need a marketing manager. However, for professionalism and a reduced workload, it is wise to hire one so as to increase your target audience and graduate from direct marketing.

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