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Posted by: Samuel Ndwiga on 08/01/2016

Life and money Quotes

Life and money Quotes

Ever since its foundation, money has always been the common language for the world’s vast spectrum of languages. Different tongues have different names for it, some place more value on their currency than others do. Throughout a human beings lifetime, it is used to define status, as wages, as an investment and in overall as a means to acquire virtually anything. The essence of life to many is to achieve their dreams, whatever they may be and to get to that proper management of funds is required regardless of the situation one may be.

The co-relation between life and money is evident in the very essence of existence. To survive, one needs sustenance; this is achieved by either creating employment or seeking it. The higher an individual may be in an organization, the more their salary is expected to be. This translates to classes and the availability of certain commodities and services in different levels in society. Most strive to reach the upper echelon by working hard to get there. Money may not always be the motivation to all but in the end, it is always there until that goal is attained.

Whichever level in life one is in or may want to reach; finances are an important sector that one should always have control over. Most people end up in bad circumstances in life because of their lack of adherence to simple money rules. Ignoring ones bills leads to accumulation of debt, which may cost a person much more in the end. Lack of emergency funds, living over your means and blind spending are other mistakes most people make in life with regard to money.

Unforeseen events in life have robbed most people of their prized possessions and some the very last asset, a house. It is wise to save money by creating a concrete savings plan and opening a savings account. When there is a call for more funds than expected, savings come in handy since you cannot clearly tell what tomorrow will be like. Entertainment costs people a lot and at the same time influences their lifestyle. Wise financial planning makes sure a person does not live beyond their means, spend recklessly and end up broke at an early age in life.

Your money can work for you to better your life if you plan it wisely. There are always events that bring together like-minded individuals all across the globe. These events, like the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi Kenya, hosted by the President of the United States of America His Excellency Barrack Obama and the President of the Republic of Kenya His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, provide insight, an avenue to highlight presentations and exchange ideas. These experiences translate to ones trajectory in life. All this made possible by focusing on what one needs in life then planning their finances well to get there. Regardless of what one might be earning, financial planning is fundamental to achieving your goals in life.

Despite the good rapport money has with ones life, it has been a constant source of rift between nations, ethnic groups down to the foundation of society, family. A lot people make poor decisions when it comes to the marriage stage of life by not looking at each other’s financial history. Different backgrounds have different lifestyles. Therefore, it is important to agree on expenditure and the best way to accommodate each other’s lifestyle. Finances have caused divorce and worse to many people.

many people.

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