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Posted by: Zoe Sewell on 27/11/2019

Plumbing Maintenance: Best Tips to Follow to Prevent Clog Formation

Plumbing Maintenance: Best Tips to Follow to Prevent Clog Formation

Some of the issues you generally face with plumbing got to be with clogs, leaks or drips. Winter seasons will add more issues by adding frozen pipes in the list. Keeping the pipes free from problems is one major issue of household duties. By ensuring that you maintain the proper plumbing in your house every time, you get the chance to save major plumbing issues and even get to save a great deal of money. Proper plumbing maintenance is the key here. Yes, it is true that you have to give plumbers a call at regular intervals to check the current condition of the entire plumbing line of your house. But, there are some easy maintenance tips for you to follow as well. This way, you can even get to keep a close check on plumbing lines from time to time.

Plumbing Line Maintenance for Kitchen:

Kitchen drains are mostly clogged due to wastes or debris going down that sink. It should not happen in that manner but no one listens. Just to prevent clogged drains, try to not put oils or grease down the sink. It will always include fats and cooking oils that might congeal in pipes and blocking down the water flow.

  • Always remember that improper use of any form of garbage disposal is one major reason for the clogged kitchen drains. There is a simple kitchen plumbing maintenance checklist you might have to follow.
  • Before adding food, always turn the water down right now. Never try to put stringy food or fibrous one down the disposal area. It will include anything from celery, potato peels, banana peels and more, which are otherwise difficult to just grind up.
  • Run the dishwasher just at night for conserving hot water and then maintaining good water pressure throughout the day. Try to allow the cold water to just run for a minimum of 15 seconds after using disposal. It will ensure that food wastes are flushed out of the pipe well. 

Try to Avoid the Chemical Drain Cleaning Items:

Clogged homes are no doubt too common in every household. If you want, you can always purchase chemicals as part of the plumbing maintenance routine and clear that clogged grease and dirt. But, these items are proven to do more harm than good. They are actually designed to erode the cast iron-based drainpipes, even without your knowledge. 

  • As you don’t get to remove the entire clog, the issue is subject to recur in no time causing you to use the chemicals in a repeated manner. Each time you use it, the pipes will start to erode a little bit more.
  • So, it is always important to hire a professional to help you with plumbing maintenance services. They are the ones to help remove the entire chunk of unwanted items like hair, dirt and more that is otherwise plugging the pipeline.
  • If you want, you can get a snake of your own use and it won’t cost you more than $20. You can get it from any hardware store and try a cleaning drain on your own.

Try Insulating the Pipes Outside:

Whenever winter months arrive, take time to wrap pipes with insulation as part of plumbing maintenance and prevent frozen pipes from taking place. In case the pipes have already frozen, it might take a few hours to thaw and then provide you with running water all over again. Chances are high of frozen pipes to explode, causing you to add more into plumbing repair bills. 

Try to prevent your pipes for cold water beforehand and save some bucks. Get the plumbing maintenance experts to guide you through the stages well.

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