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Posted by: Chome Wa Be'Ngundo on 10/08/2017

Raila Has to Concede Defeat

Raila Has to Concede Defeat

A gallant soldier in the fight for the second liberation, a symbol of hope for his supporters and a strong believer in democracy Raila Amollo Odinga remains an unsolved puzzle in our politics as he exits the scene.

It is difficult to explain why he’s never won a presidential election but very easy to understand why. Raila is an oligarch, he’s taken advantage of his followers’ affection towards him and makes everyone who wants to bask in his glory worship him- see the Sultan and Kingi, Orengo and Nyong’o, Oparanya and Ojaamong. This cohort of sycophantic leaders would do anything for Joshua to survive politically, they even stole from their poor county coffers and enjoyed with Baba. In return Baba would do everything and anything to convince his followers to vote in these political imbeciles- a trend that this election has stopped from becoming a norm.

One thing the son of Jaramogi forgot in this election is the parable of Pastor Muiru. In politics followers may abandon you!!!  They are not permanent even though they seem. In this election Joshua faced a rejection from his followers which came as a surprise to him and the sycophants around him.

At the Coast, the Sultan proved to be just an average politician. The people of Lamu and Kwale County rejected his calls and those of Joshua and voted in Jubilee party governor candidates, Twaha and Mvurya. The Coast also ensured Jubilee surpassed their presidential vote target- a slap on Raila’s face. In Western five jubilee MPs are now a reality. Abagusii community also said no to the vitendawili and ensured Uhuru got more than he had asked for in their zone.

Joshua followers went out on 8.8 and unleashed their protests against Odingaism which has plunged them into poverty. They rejected the son of Odinga on the ballot and some of his sycophants. They rejected rhetorics and dramas ushering in a new era in their lives.

It is now upon President Uhuru Kenyatta to extend an olive branch to the Raila followers who decamped from a pit of despair and joined him with hopes and aspirations for the future. To those who were promised Canaan Know that there’s no such thing as Canaan. What we have is Kenya, Our Country, Our Home! We have given Uhuru a second term to continue bringing the milk and honey here.

To Raila and NASA coalition, accept defeat as democracy demands. History will absolve you! 

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