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Posted by: Viral News on 25/04/2016

Random Act of Kindness to Your Aecurity Agents

Random Act of Kindness to Your Aecurity Agents

Are you looking for ideas or motivation tips to make a difference in your life or for someone else life? Are you like most everyone and just don’t have much time? Can you perform random acts of kindness every day?

Honestly, it doesn’t take much time to brighten someone’s life. A few minutes a day can make a difference to a person or a family. Just some kindness and the evidence that someone cares about them, appreciate their noble  duty can turn their world around.

These five motivation tips from the E-book, “101 Ways to Change the World”, don’t take much time, so begin to make a difference today! You’ll feel better — and so will the recipient of your kindness.

Send at least one e-mail a day telling someone.

  • How much they are appreciated
  • Thanking them for something they did for you.
  • Telling them something you like about them

You can also send beautiful, encouraging e-cards, You’ll find the right e-card for every occasion in different online sites– these are not your usual, everyday e-cards.

Send a note of appreciation to your local police department or Fire Station to encourage the people who make a difference in everyone’s lives. This doesn’t happen nearly enough for these people who put their lives on the line for all of us every day.

Put a Thank you note and a cookie in the box for your Delivery person. Can you imagine the last time they were shown a kindness for doing their job?

Have everyone in your family (even if it’s just you) drop all their loose change in a large glass jar you keep on the counter.

Every six months decide where to send it

  • Make a family ritual out of the event and make a difference in someone’s life almost effortlessly.

Buy a few extra items at your grocery store and drop them by your local homeless shelter or street children. You’ll make huge a difference, simply by adding a handful of extra items and a few minutes to your shopping.

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