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Posted by: Health, Nutrition and Fitness on 12/10/2017

Things that Dad should Teach his Sons

Things that Dad should Teach his Sons

I wrote this article because I miss my father so much and I wish we would have spent more time together so I could keep learning from him. I’ve seen dozens of men take their lives down the drain mainly because they missed simple but important life lessons. If you are a father, consider teaching your son these things and watch them blossom to total men, something like Nicholas Biwott.

1.    Riding a bike

I remember the day my dad bought me a bicycle, I got it in the evening, and I couldn’t sleep, eagerly waiting for the sun to rise again so I could ride. Balancing is not the only thing a father should teach their sons when it comes to bike riding; they should also learn how to take care of them at an early age.

Helping your son take proper care of his bike after he masters riding it will ensure that the bike stays in top condition. Also, it creates room for responsibility, so when your sons are old enough to buy a bicycle or car, they will handle them with proper care.

2.    How to manage money

Money is a very sensitive issue in every adult’s life. Some come by millions and spend it all on things that are not important while others learn to save at an early age and grow into billionaires due to good money management skills. However, the three things every father should teach their sons concerning money are earning it, spending, and saving.

Financial responsibility is key to ensuring that your son does not turn to a spendthrift. Also, it helps them manage their finances by teaching them where to invest what amount and when; there might not be many investments to make at an early age but having this knowledge helps a lot when they move out and go to college.

3.    How to fight and why he shouldn’t

Violence will never be the best option to resolve any dispute, but there are instances where your son will need to defend himself or his younger brother/sister. Teaching your kid self-defense basics not only boosts his self-esteem but also gives him the chance to survive a fight in case he finds himself in one.

However, it is equally important to teach your son that no-one wins in a fight. Injury, prosecution, and death are all possible outcomes of a fight in the real world, and the real winner is usually the person who turns the other cheek or walks away.

4.    Sex Education

It is hard to control the things our sons see these days with music videos portraying nudity almost everywhere lately. As such, modern generations are becoming sexually active at a very tender age. Gone are the days when fathers and sons couldn’t sit down and talk about issues related to sex.

If you notice that your son is sexually active, you should be as vocal about proper condom use as you are about abstinence. Your son will uphold these values and reduce his chances of contracting a deadly disease or becoming a father at an early age.

Apart from the five tips mentioned above, every father should also teach his son how to deal with anger and how best to console a grieved person. The lessons a father can teach his son are more valuable than any lesson he can learn on his own. As the man of the house, it is a parent’s responsibility to bring out the best man in every son.

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