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Posted by: Amelia Verley on 25/11/2019

Things to Know About Concrete Floor Epoxy Coating

Things to Know About Concrete Floor Epoxy Coating

There are many variations in the production of concrete floor epoxy coating. Hence you should know something about this. It is not like ordinary floor paint, and there are different kinds of epoxies depending on its applications. There are solid-based, liquid, or water-based epoxy coatings.

As you know, it is made by a strong chemical reaction consisting of a resin part, and another part is hardener. High-quality epoxies must have different combinations. In this article, you will know in detail why you don’t need to bother about the floor after installing epoxy floor coating.


Concrete Floor Epoxy Coating

Concrete Floor Epoxy Coating

Facts About Epoxy Flooring


Most of the people consider epoxy just like regular semi-gloss paint or enamel. It is a two-part material coating rather than conventional paint. It has the adherence to fit with the garage or concrete floor. Hence concrete floor epoxy coatings are better than regular water or oil-based paint. Your floor will have the most radiant look like a Teflon pan. The beautiful colours and different patterns of such epoxy coatings are used to give the marble or granite-like look to the epoxy floor. 

In advance, Armor based concrete floor epoxy coating has high durability, approximately for 20 years. Its installation is very more comfortable, and you don’t need to bother about maintenance of such floor. It removes the tear and wear of the level. Even in the large factories where heavy materials are used, the floor condition and susceptibility to heavy loads remain the same. Even you can install such floor coatings in your chemical factory because epoxy coating is completely chemical resistant. 

Different Kinds Of Epoxy Flooring Systems

 Armour chip system is hot-tire proof. It consists of sufficiently solid grade epoxy. It is advisable to upgrade it for a top-grade military version that has minimum loss rating compared to others. It is tough material for the highest level of protection in concrete floor epoxy coating.

Armour granite system is the topmost garage epoxy coating material. It has extra, thick graded material. Only one coat you need to do. Besides, spike soles of these floors can make it slip resistant and you can even install the same in your poolside areas.

Armour Garage II is commercially preferable without using the colour flakes. It is an excellent alternative for service shops, heavy traffic, etc. The beauty of superior finish and toughness are the main features of this concrete floor epoxy coating. Its primer part is the most favourable choice as compared to the other epoxies. Ultra-Military epoxy is the high-level epoxy flooring consisting of three layers system and advanced primer. 

You sometimes prefer thickest as well as the most hardened floor coating for high sustainability. Sometimes epoxy layers fail to create a long-lasting impression because of thin colour flakes. In that case, if you don’t want to take any risk, go for Ultra Military concrete floor epoxy coating.

There are some ratings about the epoxy floor coating. 20mg is the standard for garage floor coating, 10 mg for commercial level, and if you want the highest level of the layer then 5 mg is the standard choice. These ratings are the measures of the longevity of the floor materials in the Richter scale. The other classification is the 350 psi adhesion rating, which should be the minimum choice for the epoxy flooring system. 

If you want to have an impact rating, then 120 to 160-inch pound epoxy is the correct choice. You must have a basic idea that before the epoxy coating, you need a topcoat. Hence epoxy is an aliphatic type of base or middle layer on the floor. Know more about epoxy floor coating from the manufacturer.

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