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Posted by: Discount Coupons on 30/10/2017

Tips to buying your First Car in Kenya.

Tips to buying your First Car in Kenya.

Being able to buy that first car is usually an exceptional moment for anyone who at one point had the dream of owning one. To many, owning a car nowadays is mandatory because it helps solve transit issues, comes with a lot of other advantages, and to some, it is a statement of financial independence.

Whether you want to buy a luxurious car in order solidify your status among your peers or acquire one that will help you get around, you need to have information about the market to make an informed decision.

Trusted Dealerships

There is an abundance of car dealerships in Kenya, and it is safe to say that at the moment the automobile industry is booming. This also brings to the forefront the risk of one buying an overpriced or even a stolen car. For starters, it is advisable to go for a new car from a recognized car yard or exhibition such as DT Dobie, Toyota Kenya, General Motors or Toyotsu.

If you have budget constraints and want to buy a second-hand vehicle make sure you have assessed the car thoroughly with the help of a mechanic. Additionally, make sure the seller provides you with all the necessary documentation.

For someone who wants to buy a brand new vehicle, there are a lot of car yards around the country that one can walk in to and make a purchase. The most reputable yards include CarMax East Africa Ltd, GIGI motors, Toyotsu Auto Mart among many others.


As you plan to go out window shopping and possibly buy a car, it is good to have a rough idea of how much the vehicle you want to purchase costs. It is also vital to know how much you are willing to spend. While shopping, it is also important to note that some particular car yards deal with only specific cars, for example, Toyotsu only deals with vehicles from Japan.

Online Car Dealers

If you are probably too busy to walk around shopping for a car, there are a lot of reputable online car dealers that can help you get your desired brand. They include Cheki Kenya, PigiaMe, Cars.co.Ke, Autobazaar among others. The Good thing about shopping for a car online is that it reduces your hustle and also helps you narrow down your search by providing filters that will see you choose between a new, used, imported or showroom car just to mention a few.


The other option that you could consider but is not really advisable unless you have experience in it is importing a car on your own. A lot of people import vehicles as a side hustle while others import them for personal use. For a person that has learned all the ropes, this can save you about KSH 200,000-300,000.

All you have to do is visit a foreign online dealer, for example, SBT in Japan, and Initiate the process. As far as the cost is concerned, it is also good to note that in towns such as Mombasa you will find the price of vehicles being cheaper than other towns.  This rise in cost is due to factors such as transportation costs incurred by the dealers.


Whether new or used, it is good to make sure that the car you buy is good value for your money and comes with the necessary documentation. You should go for a car that will last and serve you well seeing you might have to cough up over KSH. 700, 000 to get a new car in the current market.

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