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Posted by: Review Website on 23/07/2019

Top 10 Best Beauty Salons in Kenya

Top 10 Best Beauty Salons in Kenya

Most business are largely conducted online these days, and the organizations offering the best services have a website or some form of an online presence including the social media profiles. That local stylist you know from way back in the day might not be able to travel to a different town just to make your hair or that desired massage. As such, you need to be familiar with the best places to fix your hair in different towns when traversing Kenya. Here are 10 of the best salons from various locations in the country.

Nairobi City

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, and it is always abuzz with activity, whether during the day or at night. However, most businesses operate during the day seeing most employees in the CBD do not live inside the city. It would not be a surprise to find some of the salons on this list open until late in the night, but booking an appointment or arriving early can see you served at a convenient time and with ease. Here are the best salons in Nairobi for your consideration. 

1.      Rapunzel Hair Affair

Kenya’s capital has thousands of salons, but few operate in the CBD. Rapunzel Hair Affair is located at Soin Arcade 1st Floor, Westlands, and offers services such as eyelash extension, regenerating treatments, styling, and professional makeup application. Rapunzel Hair Affair considers some of the services they offer, such as haircuts, as an art. As such, you can expect the best services in that regard as well as hand and feet beaut techniques that are unmatched in the capital city. Contact the salon through +254 722 833 465. 

2.      Urban Hair Studio

This is the perfect salon for students in the CBD and other customers looking for a classy salon. It is located at Barclay’s Plaza, Market Street, Nairobi CBD. Services include hair cutting, styling, makeup application, de-tanning, and bleaching. The best thing about this salon is you will get a glass of fresh juice or tea when you walk into their doors. 

More so, they serve clients from all parts of the country, including foreigners traveling to Kenya. Contact Urban Hair Studio on +254 710 472 943 or +254 020 510 0434.

Mombasa City

3.      Ashley’s Hair Salon

Ashley’s Kenya Limited has been offering salon services for over 25 years now. Their salon in Mombasa is located at Mombasa City Mall and provides all hair services at affordable prices. Ashleys Kenya Limited has been operational for roughly 22 years now. What this salon offers today is vast experience and some of the best customer service to all their clients regardless of the location of their salon. 

This branch in Mombasa is not only one of the best in the area, but the country as well. For more info, you can visit their website (http://citymall.co.ke/ashleys-hair-salon) or call them on +254 20 221 8345 or +254 221 5320.

4.      Happy Hair and Beauty Salon

Happy Hair and Beauty Salon has a 4.6-star rating making it one of the best in Mombasa. It is located on Jundani Meru Road and remains open from 8 AM to 8 PM. It provides all salon services ranging from custom-made wigs, lace frontals installation, braiding, facials, gel polish, and even bridal makeup, to mention a few.

The salon is also among the few that accept payments via mobile money (M-Pesa) and does house calls around Nairobi. Happy Hair and Beauty Salon is also customer allocated and is situated in an area with ample parking. For inquiries, call +254 705 029 800.

Kisumu City

Kisumu is yet another Kenyan city with both the history and developments to make it one of the big three cities in the country. The Kenyan port city is located on Lake Victoria and is famous for its magnificent views, such as Hippo Point and Dunga Hill Camp, to mention a few. Kisumu is also home to former Kenyan Prime Minister and current High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa, Raila Amolo Odinga. Here are some of the best beauty parlors in the area. 

5.      Herenia House of Salon

Kenya’s lakeside region also has come of the best salons in the country. Herenia House of Salon is among such salons offering all hair-related services as well as a Moroccan bath and massage. This salon also has some of the most talented beauticians in Kenya who help provide some of the services that make the salon famous. Herenia offers skin, manicure, pedicure, haircuts, and beauty care, to mention a few.

The salon also focuses on clients from different parts of Kenya, Africa, and the globe at large with services that are inspired by other countries such as the earlier-mentioned Moroccan bath and massage. It is located on G029 Swan Centre Oginga Odinga St Lake, 495-40100, Kisumu, Kenya. You can also call them on +254 202 420 029.

6.      Kensal Beauty and Cosmetic Salon

According to their official website, ‘love of beauty is taste; the creation of beauty is art!’ This beauty and cosmetic salon has some of the most exceptional talents that operate on the notion that there is beauty in everything. As such, the salon not only fixes your hair or gives you a state-of-the-art massage but also motivates and empowers everyone that walks through their door. The salon is also famed for its artistry, integrity, and creativity.

All this is evident in their beauty routines, which focus on the skin as a good substance that requires extra attention both on the surface and underneath. As such, you can get a deep tissue massage in this salon at a very affordable rate. The salon uses cosmetic beauty devices and advanced formulas, which are also bioavailable, to ensure no reactions arise after seeking their services. When you are in Kisumu, visit Kensal Beauty and Cosmetic Salon on Wing B, Unit 11B, United Mall, Kisumu, or call +254 742 340 167 or +254 732 400 526 for reservations. 

7.      Cut Above Unisex Hairdressing Salon

Looking for a haircut above the rest? Visit the Cut Above Unisex Salon on Bonyo Road, Seena House, Kisumu, Kenya, or call them on +254 57 202 4047. Services include relaxing, conditioning, weaving, and shampooing, to mention a few. This salon also has one of the best ratings online of all beauty parlors in the area showing just how important proper customer service is to the beauticians and owners. 

They also offer dreadlock retouching and styling services as well as manicure, pedicure, bridal makeup, and offsite and barbershop services, to mention a few. As one of the best beauty salons in the area, it would be a shame to miss out on what Cut Above has to offer. As the name suggests, they are a cut above the rest and are affordable. 

Eldoret (The City of Champions)

Recently, the greatest marathoner of all time, Eliud Kipchoge, broke a two-hour marathon barrier to set a new record in Vienna. While the entire country celebrated his success, his hometown Eldoret came to a standstill on that chilly morning as his fans, friends, and family members sang his name on Eldoret streets. It might not yet be a city, but Eldoret is a town full of champions considering most athletes (runners) come from this area. Eldoret is also home to retired President Daniel Arap Moi as well as the current Vice President of the Republic, William Samoei Ruto.

Here are some of the best beauty salons in the city of Champions. 

8.      KJ salon and Barbershop

KJ Salon and Barbershop is located in the heart of Eldoret Town (Uganda Road, Zion Mall Eldoret) and is renowned for its manicure and haircut prowess. The salon opens at 8:30 PM until late and offers both styling services as well as follow-up advice on how to best take care of your hair. For starters, their official website (https://kj-salon-and-barbershop.business.site/) regularly updates beauty tips that come in handy.

Their most recent updates regard dreadlocks and their maintenance. These include using a silk pillowcase to prevent your hair from falling out or frizzing as well as brushing them and ways to clean dreads. For reservations, call KJ Salon and Barbershop on +254 721 601 747.

9.      Bedcy Beauty Place

Bedcy Beauty Place is located on Uganda Road, Eldoret, and opens at 8:00 AM except for Sunday (10:00 AM) every day while closing at 9:00 PM. The salon is located in an artfully designed space in one of the newest malls in Eldoret called RUPA Mall and comes with an energetic and sophisticated hair design area. Such a feature gives clients the ability to choose between the different hairstyles offered at the salon. 

It also has a tranquil spa area where you can relax and enjoy the benefits offered by a full day spa such as help when de-stressing and relieving pain. To book an appointment, enquire about a particular hairstyle or to get further assistance locating the salon, call Bedcy Beauty Place on +254 722 401 510. 

Nakuru Town

Nakuru County is considered one of the fastest-rising towns, soon to be a city in Kenya. It is located northwest of Nairobi and is famous for its national park and exquisite lookout points. The national park is home to rhinos, leopards, giraffes and a host of other animals. Nakuru is also home to one of the three State Houses in Kenya and a lot of businesses. If you are visiting Nakuru, you can witness the best nature has to offer after a visit to any of the beauty salons below to ensure you turn up looking elegant.

Here are some of the best beauty salons in the Nakuru. 

10.  Patsue Hair and Beauty Salon

One of the above-said thriving businesses in Nakuru is the Patsue Hair and Beauty Salon, located in Umoja 2 Road, Lanet, in Nakuru. The salon has a classic ambiance and offers all hair care services at affordable rates. These services include manicure and pedicure, an executive barbershop for haircuts, hair care and styling, massages, bridal beauty packages, and dreadlock retouching and styling. The beauty salon also boasts some of the best beauticians in Nakuru who give the ultimate customer experience. 

To book an appointment in the salon, contact their reception at +254720109245. 

11.  Vicos Salon & Barber Shop

Vicos Salon and Barber Shop is located in Rongai, Nakuru, near Quick Mart Shabab and Coca-Cola distributors, Nakuru. The salon has classy pictures on the walls to create a welcoming ambiance as well as experienced hairdressers to take care of all your hair care needs. As far as their services go, Vicos offers skincare treatment and transformation as well as beauty care by experienced cosmetologists.   

They also offer barbers shop services and conduct offsite salon services to any customer that requests for the same. As such, you can contact them for your wedding, engagement, and outdoor photo-shoot beauty needs. Unfortunately, the salon's number is not yet public, but with the directions above, it is easy to locate the same.

12.  Ashley Saloon and Executive Barber Shop

Ashleys Kenya has come a long way since its inception. The beauty college now has salons and barbershops located in many towns and cities in Kenya. As one of the most promising areas in Kenya, opening a salon in Nakuru was a no-brainer considering Ashleys already has branches in some of the remotest areas in the country, such as Bungoma. The salon is located near Arap Moi’s Children Home next to Westside Mall in Nakuru.

It offers hair and beauty services as well as haircuts from an executive barbershop as well as massage services. You can also purchase hair products from them as well as offsite services on request. To enquire about the prices or any other salon and beauty related services, call +254 791 631688. 

The salons above only represent a portion of the similar facilities located all over the country. A wide range of state-of-the-art salons exists in other parts of the country as well, such as Ashleys Salon in Embu and a branch of the same in Kakamega. If you visit any of the areas mentioned above, be sure to pop by any of the salons on this list and leave a review. 

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