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Posted by: Samuel Ndwiga on 03/10/2018

Top 10 Best Companies to Work For in Kenya

Top 10 Best Companies to Work For in Kenya

Human relations departments have made some of the most startling revelations regarding the workings of most companies in Kenya. A survey conducted by a popular human resource firm reveals that every one in two employees works for a particular company for a paycheck. If a better offer came knocking at the door, most employees would not hesitate to leave their current employers.  

As much as generating wealth is the top priority for almost every company in existence, no organization should forget their staff. After all, these are the people that bring home the bacon for the shareholders and help the company eclipse its competition. For a company to make it to this list, we evaluated its welfare benefits, job security, pay package, as well as career advancement opportunities.

As such, landing a job in any of these organizations will not only add to your bank account, but experience and grit needed to achieve the best in life. Here are the top ten best companies to work for in Kenya.

1 Google Kenya

Google Kenya is one of the best and coolest places to work. As a university graduate with a degree in communications, IT, or computer science, a lot of opportunities await you at Google Kenya. You can also enjoy competitive salaries, career enhancement courses, and a wide range of freedom. An IT expert makes roughly Ksh.250,000 every month.

2. Safaricom LTD

Safaricom’s turnover to the year 2018 in end March was Ksh.55.29 billion. This figure was arrived at despite the hurdles faced by almost every company in 2017 during the election period. Its mobile data service and M-Pesa revenue have also grown exponentially. Safaricom pays well and offers chances of career advancement and invaluable experience.

3. Centum

Chris Kirubi might be the name most Kenyans recognize whenever Centum is mentioned but the youngest Kenyan CEO is responsible for the company’s success this year. The company was in the brink of collapse but has emerged as one of the best paying organizations for 2018. The starting salary for fresh graduates is somewhere between Ksh.120,000 and Ksh.150,000.

4. The United Nations (UN)

Not much is said regarding the United Nations, but this global organization has a lot to offer for fresh graduates and determined individuals. A staff assistant salary at the UN can earn well over $71,243 annually. The UN also presents opportunities to work with people from different ethnic backgrounds and impact lives on the ground.

5. British American Tobacco (BAT)

BAT also pays well and is among some of the most well-established organizations in the country. Fresh graduates can take home roughly Ksh.100,000 every month. BAT also invest in young people by conducting nationwide graduate training programs.

6. East African Breweries Limited (EABL)

EABL is one of the biggest if not the chief spirits and beer manufacturer in East Africa. In 2014, Deloitte claimed EABL is the best company to work for with graduates earning Ksh.100,000 and Ksh.120,000. It has also won awards company of the year and employer of the year in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

7. Unilever Kenya LTD

Unilever is not only one of the best-paying companies in Kenya but also a firm believer of employee growth. Graduate trainees earn well over Ksh.100,000 and the company won the award for Top Employers Kenya in 2016.


Kenyans might complain about the power outages and the different scandals that face KPLC, but its employees know the organization is an amazing place to work. KenGen is ranked as one of the most attractive Kenyan employers and provides a stable platform for career development.

9. Nation Media Group (NMG)

As one of the biggest media houses in Kenya, Nation Media will without a doubt add to your coffers while providing room for ample growth. NMG also provides an incredible workplace culture and aids talent developments. NMG was also ranked one of the best employers in 2013 by Deloitte.

10. NRG Radio

For those fresh out of college with a talent for radio, why not try NRG Radio? The new radio station is a hot topic in town and presenters are earning a good buck. Seeing it’s a new organization, there might be other fields to explore. However, the workplace environment is amazing and the pay encouraging.

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