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Posted by: Review Website on 21/12/2017

Top 5 Super Bikes as Reviewed by Best Best Bikers in the World

Top 5 Super Bikes as Reviewed by Best Best Bikers in the World

Be it from your favorite Kenyan bike band or the famous western riders; there is something that comes with a powerful and fast superbike. One of their advantages, especially in urban areas such as Nairobi, is they can help weave through traffic and make it to that appointment on time. Not to mention, there is something about superbikes that attracts the ladies.

Here are five of the best superbikes currently in the market.

  • Dodge Tomahawk – 3.5 Million KSH

The Dodge Tomahawk was a non-street legal concept seeing it wasn’t thoroughly road-tested and its top speed was also not yet confirmed. It was introduced by Dodge in 2003 in the North America international show and comes with a fuel tank capable of holding 8.1 liters of petrol and a 645-horsepower, V-10 engine. The Dodge Tomahawk has a speed of 250 - 400 km/h making it the world fastest bike.

It has four wheels, each separated a few inches from the other giving each wheel an independent suspension. This makes the bike’s braking firm and confident even under extreme track conditions.

2.    Kawasaki Ninja H2R – 5 Million KSH

This bike is available in select outlets for a short period due to its limited release closed-course production. Not to mention, the Kawasaki Ninja H2R is not manufactured for use on public roads, streets, or highways; it is limited to riding on closed circuit. With a 300 horsepower, this bike can be easily overcharged and hit a speed of 249 miles per hour.

Its standard tires are custom designed for use on a closed course. The Kawasaki Ninja H2R also features a custom-made trellis frame which gives the rider better control.

3.    MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K – 15 Million KSH

The MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K is powered by a turboshaft engine made by Marine Turbine Technologies. These bike models are not largely produced, and each bike is handmade, and assembly only commences after receiving the buyer’s specification. The Y2K Turbine Superbike can hit a top speed of 365 km/with and is designed to extract heat energy from the exhaust and then convert it into output energy.

It is also recognized by the Guinness world book of records as the most powerful motorcycle

4.    Kawasaki Ninja ZX – 14R - 1.5 Million KSH

Proving itself as one of the fastest bikes in the world, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX can reach a speed of 100km/h in 3 seconds. It has a top speed of 300km/h and a seat height of 80cm making it the second fastest motorcycle to date. It also comes with two riding modes which help you utilize its engines powers on different levels.

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX also has a powerful 1441 cc Four-Valve Liquid Cooled Up engine. It also has fully adjustable suspension on both ends with four radial mounted pistol brake calipers on the front and twin piston calipers at the back, which help its braking system provide consistent optimum service.

5.    Suzuki Hayabusa  - 12 Million KSH

The Hayabusa is a sports bike manufactured by Suzuki that can hit speeds of 303 to 312 km/h. It has a fuel tank capacity of 21 liters and a reserve tank of 5.5 liters. This super bike also features the new ABS and sturdy Brembo Monobloc front brake calipers. It also has an excellent 1397 four-cylinder, 16-valve liquid cooled engine that produces around 197 horsepower.


So what is it that you fancy most in Superbikes? Is it the design, power, or speed? Or maybe a mixture of all three. The bikes above might be a little pricey but so is any other machine that is worth keeping. With any of these beasts, you will be cruising Kenyan highways and dirt roads alike, thanks to massive traction, in a matter of seconds.

Remember always to wear your gear and observe traffic laws.

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