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Posted by: Samuel Ndwiga on 13/01/2016

Top and Best Tourist Destinations in Kenya

Top and Best Tourist Destinations in Kenya

Kenya is one of the few countries in the world that boasts of a wide range of tourist attracting destinations. With the recent WTA meeting where, Kenya was voted the World’s Best Safari Destination in 2015, and the appointment of Najib Balala as the Cabinet Secretary Tourism, Kenya is in high gear to being all in one top tourist destination in the world. Whether in business conferencing, the big five or just a nature walk, you will find all these in Kenya.

In recent years, Africa has experienced recoil in revenue generated from tourism. This is accredited to the poaching of wild game, which is considered a major tourist attraction. Vulnerability caused by improper wildlife conservation, corruption and lack of strict poaching policies has cost the country more loss of wildlife to date. However, Kenya has animals like the African Lion, the Black Rhinoceros and the African Elephant, which across the world are on the brink of extinction.

Some of the best tourist destinations in Kenya include:-

  • The Maasai Mara National Reserve. Located in Narok County, the game reserve covers 1,510 sq km and hosts 570 recorded bird species and over 95 mammal species. The Maasai Mara also boasts of the best accommodation with regard to facilities and prices as compared to many other reserves. Not to mention, the game reserve is only a 40-minute flight from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The most famous spectacle about the Maasai Mara is the wildebeest migration, which happens between July and October. Nonetheless, that does not limit its time to visit to those months because around January and February, the big cats roam a lot due to the heat, which forces herbivores to move in order to feed. If you want to see the Big five, this is the place to be. The Maasai Mara also has an indigenous cultural background, which further reflects the Kenyan culture to the rest of the world. It is named in honor of the native residents of the area who are the Maasai people, a Nilotic community. The Maasai Mara is also among the best tourist destinations in Kenya because it borders the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The wildebeest traverse these two places every year.

  • Mount Kenya National Park cum Natural Forest comes in second as some of the best attractions or a must visit places in Kenya. Mount Kenya only comes second to the tallest mountain in Africa with regard to the tallest peak. This gives it an amazing mountain landscape ideal for people who love beautiful sceneries. It also hosts more than 70% of the entire Kenyan bird population including indigenous and threatened small mammals. The rarest form of vegetation across Africa, its wealthy Montane Flora encompasses both nearly endangered and endangered species of plants in Africa. There are some good hotels for your holiday outing and camping.

  • Another tourist favorite destination is Fort Jesus, found in Mombasa in the Coastal region of Kenya. Fort Jesus is an artifact that still stands and vividly tells stories of a past not so far gone. The walls, paintings, relics, architecture and history of the fort left behind by its line of inhabitants tell a very entertaining story of old. Unlike other places where people get to hear of the cities that were, Fort Jesus still stands to date and remains a fortress amid constant growth of the city and the area surrounding it. Fort Jesus remains a part of history that cannot be erased or altered since the facts to back up the claims are still evident; this makes it one of the best tourist destinations in Kenya.

  • Lake Nakuru National Park is fourth as per our member’s reviews. The park has been nicknamed the birdwatchers paradise due to its wide variety of birds, up to 450 species and the beautiful flamingo. The park provides the ideal spots for picnics, hikes and game drives. It also has beautiful viewpoints such as Out of Africa and Lion Hill. These provide beautiful scenery as well as a blissful atmosphere. Lake Nakuru National Park also hosts a variety of wild game such as the zebra, the rhino and the lion.

More reviews to follow. Lastly besides beach and safari attractions, Kenya excels in other tourism products including culture, archaeology, and paleontology (cradle of mankind).

Furthermore, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (M.I.C.E) facilities avail tourism opportunities for business and leisure travelers.

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