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Posted by: Viral News on 05/10/2018

Top Breaking News Websites in Kenya

Top Breaking News Websites in Kenya

Not long ago, most Kenyans relied on television, radio, and newspapers as the main source of breaking news. However, advancements in technology have made it possible for almost every Kenyan to access the internet and follow events as they happen. If anything, Kenyans are very active on social media platforms such as Twitter with #KOT or Kenyans on Twitter a dominant force on the social media site.

Kenya is among the most technologically adept countries in the region as per the interactions made through the internet. You thought your father was mad when he went to the toilet with a newspaper in hand to pass the time. Well, most young men and women are doing the same, only this time, most are using their smartphones. According to Alexa, a popular web analytics and data company, a lot of Kenyans spend most of their days on sites such as Jumia.co.ke and sportpesa.co.ke.

Despite our dominance when the rest of the world needs to know who's boss on Twitter, it is not one of the top ten most visited websites in the country. Here are the websites most Kenyans visit in search of breaking news.

1 Google.com

Every time a rum our breaks out, most Kenyans take to Google to look for any website with information supporting the claims. In some instances, the information is displayed on the homepage leaving the user with a plethora of options to explore. Google provides web pages, videos, and images. 

2. YouTube.com

Most people use YouTube to search for the latest song, stream a live game or movie, listen to music, or watch funny cat videos. It is the second most visited and secure website in Kenya according to Alexa and contains videos of breaking news. Popular media houses in the country have YouTube channels that stream breaking news for Kenyans away from their TV sets.

3. Standardmedia.co.ke

Standard Media is among the most trusted media houses in the country with a big online presence. The website provides breaking news as well as updates on health, business and social reports, entertainment news, and scientific findings.

4. Tuko.co.ke

Tuko Kenya was found in 2015 with its headquarters in Nairobi to date. Tuko is part of a global company known as Genesis Media, which also owns Nigeria’s Naij.com. Subscribe to their website to receive breaking news from both the local and international scene.

5. Kenyans.co.ke

This website is loved by Kenyans primarily due to its name. It is home to the latest news as well as thousands of music videos from over 1,300 artists in the country. It also has politician bios and offers a government breakdown to the new faces in the country.

6. The-star.co.ke

The Star newspaper was launched in 2007 as the Nairobi Star and was the go-to newspaper for the latest gossip and political stories. It was rebranded as The Star in 2009 and has since gained a reputation as one of the most revered news outlets in the country. Their website is also highly ranked by Alexa.

7. Sde.co.ke

Sde.co.ke is a branch of Standard Media that focuses on entertainment news as opposed to their counterpart above who focus on all-around news. SDE has all the breaking celebrity news, awards, gossips, and music as well as any trending news.

8. Citizentv.co.ke

It might be number 12 on Alexa at the moment in terms of visits, but this popular media house’s website is home to almost all breaking news in the Kenya and the globe. Its geographical coverage is unrivaled and the site always has important Kenyan or international news with some of the information being aired on Citizen TV simultaneously.

9. Nation.co.ke

Nation.co.ke is yet another website following in the steps of a leading media house. The Nation Newspaper might have its competition, but it remains one of the most reliable and dominant news source. Its website is highly ranked by Alexa and is a prime source for breaking news in Kenya.

10. Capitalfm.co.ke

Capital FM is one of the best radio stations in the country. A huge number of the working class follows Capital’s morning show, but a higher number scrolls through their website every day for the latest news. This site is also highly ranked on Alexa verifying the legitimacy of its information.

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