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Posted by: Chome Wa Be'Ngundo on 09/08/2017

Uhuru is Kenya’s Choice, Kenyans Say No! to NASA hypocrisy.

Uhuru is Kenya’s Choice, Kenyans Say No! to NASA hypocrisy.

Official IEBC results are indicating Uhuru Kenyatta is on the lead against Odinga. NASA Coalition has since termed the results as fake- which was expected. The results are however real for the Raila led Coalition in Mombasa where the NASA Sultan is trouncing Shahbal, Kilifi where Kingi is running over Mung’aro, In Kisumu where Ranguma is being canned by a local professor, In Busia where Ojaamong seem to be surviving the worst scare of his life and some other centre’s where NASA is shown to be leading.

In Bomet the results are NASAFAKE as Iron lady Laboso is currently tutoring Former governor Ruto on politics 101, In Kwale and yes you had it right…Kwale! Salim Mvurya of jubilee is winning against all odds- the people are indeed tired of rhetoric’s. Wavinya is losing in Machakos to a Jubilee friendly MCCP and the City county is finally a Jubilee zone delivered by Sonko.

Uhuru’s Jubilee Party is on the lead countrywide in Parliamentary, Senatorial and gubernatorial seats as it stands. The tyranny of numbers in both houses has been maintained through dictates of Democracy. The credibility of this election is higher than any other witnessed in this country. The legitimacy of the products of this election is to be revered by all who proclaim democracy.

The lead Uhuru is commanding now would not have been possible without the support of disgruntled and frustrated NASA defectors who have echoed their concerns from the shores of the Indian ocean, the rich hills of Kisii and the green hills of Bomet, the uprising young Kamba leadership and rebirth of NARC, the democratically matured Mulembe community which never vote in a block and the Mt Kenya and Rift Valley which have welcomed all Kenyans into government.

Uhuru is Kenya’s choice and should be respected. Kudo Mr. President 

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