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Posted by: Health, Nutrition and Fitness on 19/10/2017

Weight Loss and Purification Programs

Weight Loss and Purification Programs

Susan is among the thousands of citizens in this country that are battling weight loss. She spent most of her time in the hospital due to weight-related disorders, but nothing seemed to work until she merged her medicine with personal training regimens. Still, that was not enough to rid her body of the toxins accumulated while she gained weight.

A year ago, Susan weighed 250 lbs and had a blood pressure of 130/90. For someone around 5’6, those are very high numbers. Her doctor had prescribed diet pills to help her lose weight, but after she finished her first dose and stopped taking the meds, her weight rose by 10 lbs almost instantaneously.

Problems at work and home

Adding weight limits mobility and is also known to dwindle productivity. Susan found it hard to report to work on time and even got fired before landing another job a few months later. However, it was not as prestigious as her former job, and she had already added more weight and pills due to stress, sleep deprivation, and mental fog.

In search of a better solution

Susan later came to find out that the pills only intensified weight loss if merged with a host of other procedures. For starters, these tablets are very good at suppressing your appetite but cannot be of help if you are not focused on the task at hand. As such, Suzie went back to her doctor in search of a better solution to her weight, and he suggested a purification program, which helps detoxify the body.

What is purification?

Purification can be best described as spring cleansing the body from the inside. As it stands, losing weight is not a problem for most people who devote more time to working out or dieting on a daily basis. The hurdle comes when you complete the regimen as it is effortless to regain weight. Not to mention, seeing this program is a way to live a healthier life, the best way to go about it is taking it in stride even after achieving your purpose.

21-day weight loss and purification program

The doctor advised Susan to take a 21-day weight loss and purification program entailing limited menus and lemonade fasts to help her shed some weight. True to his word, the program helped balance new and constructive behavior with healthy food choices, which yielded tremendous results. For anyone willing to try this program, kindly consult your doctor first.

To shed the extra weight and cut a lean physique, Susan avoided meat and stuck to a vegetable diet for ten days. During the first few days, she was feeling lethargic as her body expelled the toxins. However, as the days progressed, Susan noticed that she was more energetic and could comfortably enjoy her sleep unlike before. Not to mention, the cravings for junk food had disappeared by the first week, and at the end of 21 days, she had already lost 30 lbs.


Apart from shedding weight, the weight loss and purification program helped stabilize her blood pressure and get rid of her heartburn problem. There are dozens of purification programs, but they are almost similar. Susan’s program might have been for only 21 days, but she still eats healthy food and exercises regularly.

Her health problems also varnished and she is expecting her second child in a healthy state.

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