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Posted by: Health, Nutrition and Fitness on 12/10/2017

What About Electric Toothbrush for Your Child

What About Electric Toothbrush for Your Child

Each and every day, technology is coming up with new inventions that help improve hygiene both in babies and adults. The baby electric toothbrush is one of these innovative creations. This toothbrush is the perfect way to clean your child’s gums and teeth as it is not only thorough but entertaining to the baby as well. It has very soft bristles that help protect you baby’s gums.

Not to mention, while most ordinary baby toothbrushes have a stiff and slightly larger head, this toothbrush’s head is tiny to avoid hurting your baby while brushing their teeth. While an electric toothbrush might be ideal for your child’s dental hygiene, there are some things you should consider before purchasing one.

How to choose the best baby electric toothbrush

Here are some features to look out for in an electric toothbrush to make sure your kids enjoy their brushing times

1.    Vibration

When kids enjoy doing something, chances are they will include it into their routine and can’t wait until it’s time to repeat the process. Brushing is meant to be fun for kids, they might not be aware of the numerous advantages that come with practicing good dental hygiene, but they love it when the toothbrush vibrates. If this alone can get them brushing their teeth without being told to, why not buy them an electric toothbrush?

2.    A timer

Did you know that you are supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes to effectively get rid of all or at least most of the germs? People usually rush through their dental hygiene process. As such, electric toothbrushes come with a timer that will get your kids brushing for the required amount of time to ensure they follow the proper procedure for good dental hygiene.

3.    Pressure sensor

I bet you have ever seen one of those people that brush their teeth so vigorously. While some think it as an effective way to remove all the germs, it does more harm to your gums and can eventually lead to gum recession. However, before that, it irritates the gums and causes bleeding or soreness especially in kids.

Some electric toothbrushes come with a pressure sensor that either beeps, flashes or buzzes when you kids apply too much pressure on their gums while brushing. This warning is a good way to prevent the dangers of vigorous brushing.

4.    Speed

The electric toothbrush has motions more than a hundred times faster than the manual toothbrush. Seeing how busy the world has become lately, it is important to do things fast but also right. The rapid movement in this toothbrush will ensure your kids brush their teeth more efficiently and in less time as opposed to the manual toothbrush.

Not to mention, electric toothbrush make all kinds of motions from oscillating at various speeds, vibrating, and even rotating. There are electric toothbrushes with such amazing sped that they are used to eliminate plaque, bacteria, and prevent gum disease.

Key features of a rotary baby electric toothbrush

1.    Small round brush

Rotary baby electric toothbrushes have a uniquely small and round brush that comes in handy when you are trying to remove plaque. The small brush is perfect when trying to reach areas of your mouth that are otherwise hard to reach and helps ensure that every tooth is cleaned. Rotary baby electric toothbrushes have been on the market for a very long time, and all have this unique build.

2.    Pulsating brush

While older models did not have this feature, the modern baby rotary toothbrush has a pulsating brush that moves away and towards your baby’s teeth at very fast. This feature enables the toothbrush to get in between the gaps in your kid's teeth and clean them better.

Key features of sonic electric toothbrushes

1.    Speed

The baby sonic toothbrush is preferred by most people over regular toothbrushes due to its incredible brushing speed. Its sonic technology enables it to deliver up to 31,000 brush strokes per minute; a feat no human being can achieve. These toothbrushes are very effective regarding dental hygiene.

2.    Brushing modes

Most sonic baby toothbrushes come with brushing modes such as the easy-start mode, sensitive mode, novelty modes, and the clean mode. The clean mode is the most common while others such as the novelty mode require you to seek counsel from your doctor before giving your kids the go ahead.

Electric toothbrushes are a great way to brush your teeth faster and more effectively. Not to mention, the kids enjoy brushing their teeth now more than ever. Make sure you thoroughly review any toothbrush before buying to ensure that it is ideal for your child’s age.

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