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Posted by: Uganda Business Directory on 13/08/2019

What are Interesting Facts about Uganda

What are Interesting Facts about Uganda

Uganda is a country located in East Africa bordered by Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, and the DRC. The country is famed for its fertile lands and the stiff competition it provides its neighbors Kenya and Tanzania in sports and economics. Uganda’s population is 44.27 million at the moment, and the country is the 79th largest country with regard to land area. Uganda's capital is called Kampala, and it is the biggest city in the country.

Uganda has eight major rivers and five big lakes with Lake Victoria occupying a significant portion of the country. Uganda also has around ten national parks and a lot of protected areas. A lot of movies have also been shot in Uganda; some were exposing the gruesome nature seen in some parts of the landlocked East African country. However, movies can exaggerate to get more views; we do not; here are some of the most interesting facts about the Republic of Uganda.

  • Birds & Gorilla call Uganda home

Did you know that Uganda hosts half of the world’s mountain gorilla population which is more that the worlds Gorilla Population? Its also enjoys 11% of the global bird population and the two plays a significant role in attracting tourists. The country has a big following when it comes to wild game, but to the keen-eyed, there are 1,061 bird species to capture with your camera on a visit to Uganda.

  •  Champions in advocating tree planting

There has been a lot of talk in recent years regarding global warming and the effect of cutting trees. A lot of people have come out championing the planting of trees in different parts of the world, such as Wangari Maathai in Kenya. Uganda took it a step further by imposing a rule stating for every tree cut; one must plant three in its place; a fantastic policy to help curb deforestation.

  • Church size doesn’t matter that much

While there are a lot of big churches in Uganda, the country is famed for having one of the smallest churches in the world. The Bethel Church, located atop Biku Hill in Nebi Town, is 2.3m-wide and 8ft tall. According to the founders, Pastor Song and Henry Luke, the church is one of 12 prayer points that give a closer connection with God.

  • Bikes are a big thing in Uganda

Perhaps if they took it a little bit more seriously, Ugandans could produce some of the best cyclers in the world. Their love for bicycles in unmatched and bikes are considered one of the best ways for moving around in Uganda. Ugandans love motorbikes too, which can be witnessed in towns and cities such as Kampala.

  • A country that can give you butterflies, literally

Former United States president Winston Churchill called Uganda the Pearl of Africa in praise of its splendid beauty. Apart from the birds, gorillas and other wild game, Uganda is also home to 6.8% of the global butterfly population. Most of them can be spotted in the Rwenzori Mountains while the rest occupy the country’s savannah regions.

Apart from the five facts above, it is also worth noting that Uganda has well over 30 indigenous languages. However, the national languages are Swahili and English. Lastly, when you visit the country and if your taste buds crave that type of thrill; you can ask for a meal of Nsenene or pan-fried grasshoppers, the locals love it.

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